Monday, December 04, 2006

Clean Up Your Messenger

Do you like to use MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger? Well, if you do, then you will probably find that this IM client has some kind of advertisements all around the interface (YM have it also). Is there any ways to get rid of this? Luckily... YES. There's a program called Clean Messenger which can help you to clean this bloated information and gives you a simple UI at the end. One note about this program is that after making changes and you hit the Apply Changes button, it will restart your messenger, so it cannot change it dynamically.

You can look at the screenshot below:


  1. pake gaim!

  2. Saya juga kadang pake Gaim kok :D
    Ini cuma tulisan untuk membantu mereka yang pakai MSN Messenger atau Windows Live Messenger aja :D