Thursday, January 02, 2014

My New Phone

My old phone (Nokia E71) started to deteriorate in terms of performance, battery life, and also stability since last year and it's getting worse lately, so i think it was time to get a new phone to replace this one. My quest to find the replacement started few months ago. At that time, there was only two options on my mind, iPhone or Android-based phone.

I actually wanted to get iPhone, but since iPhone 5s is not yet available in Indonesia, i had to buy it from Malaysia or Singapore or i will need to buy it in higher price from third party. If i bought it overseas, then i will face a problem with warranty as Apple's International Warranty doesn't apply to iPhone AFAIK.

So i'm left with Android-based phones. There are so many Android-based phones, but i'm looking for a smartphone that is unique and hopefully long-lasting, in terms of the product support. Few months ago, i read an article about Sony Xperia Z1 (at that time, this product hasn't been released yet) and amazed by it's design and specs. I thought i would like to get this one once it's released.

Last month, i browsed some sites to find this product and i finally found one which is cheaper than other since it's offering a promo for this one and it's the last item for that color (i pick black), so i took it. It was in December 21 and i paid them immediately. On December 22, they confirmed my payment and they updated the status to on process on December 23. Unfortunately, the shipping couldn't be processed immediately since it was a long holiday due to Christmas day, so i had to wait until December 27 before they can send it via TIKI. The phone arrived in Jogja around December 29 and i went to the office to pick it up on December 30. Later on, i went to Grapari to have my SIM card cut to micro-SIM.

When i got home, i unpacked the new phone and switch it on and start configuring it. While configuring it, i noticed that there was an offer to upgrade to Android 4.3, and i decided to move on since it's a new phone anyway. The upgrade went smoothly, but left me one problem that i didn't notice before. During the migration, the SMSC number was changed into "+7", 145, which isn't the correct SMSC number for my operator. I browsed some sites and found similar problem. I tried every solutions but everything failed. So i decided to do a factory reset on customizations and it DID the trick. I lost all of my previous configuration and settings, but then the SMSC number is now properly set, so i can send text messages normally again.

I redo my configuration and also downloading apps that i need for my daily activities and just under one hour, i have the proper setting for it.

I love my new phone and hopefully it can last longer than my previous phone :)