Tuesday, July 31, 2007

False Positive

From Wikipedia, False Positive is defined like this:
The error of rejecting a null hypothesis when it is actually true. In other words, this is the error of accepting an alternative hypothesis (the real hypothesis of interest) when the results can be attributed to chance
Also some example of False Positive:
A false positive normally means that a test claims something to be positive, when that is not the case. For example, a test saying a woman is pregnant when she is actually not pregnant is an example of a false positive.

Today, GMail had a false positive on one of the email sent to me and marked it as SPAM, so it would put it on Spam directory (as usual). The terrible thing is that i clicked the Delete all spam messages now links, which will delete the email messages marked as Spams forever (not even saving it in Trash). The problem is that one of the email that was supposed to be my student's task was marked as SPAM, so it get wiped out together with the rest of the spams at wits end

I probably have to ask them to resend it again. Next time, i will be more careful when deleting emails, mostly emails that was marked as SPAM. Sometimes, it's not a spam and filters can be wrong.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Finished Watching Heroes

Finally i have completed watching Heroes (TV Series) season 1. My students offered me her collection of Heroes after knowing that i like to watch TV Series like Heroes, 24, CSI, Alias, etc. The only question at that time is "Will i have time to watch this?" as i have to prepare lots of materials for the next semester. So i said that i will need a long time to watch, and she said it's OK for her, so i agreed and i borrowed it. I tried to spend some of my spare time to look for it and i managed to watch few of them.

After second block was over, i had some time, so i watched it as fast as i can and managed to get most of the episodes. So when the end of third block is near (tomorrow will be the last class before an exam next day), i had some time again and i managed to watch the rest. Too bad, i can't look all of them from the DVD, since my laptop couldn't read it, so i tried to look for it in the Internet. I found it on Fanpop, the same source i used to watch 24. Their collection is quite complete, so i like it very much. Sometimes, the source is not available anymore, so you will have to wait until other people upload it again or find another source. The hardest part is the last episode. The download process was taking forever, so i couldn't enjoy it very much, but i can see the plot and also the ending.

I can't wait to see the second episode. I"m also waiting for the next season of 24, but it's still long to come (next year). My queue list has decreased. Now i have to watch CSI season 7 and 8 which i bought from Jakarta (i haven't been able to watch it until now).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Celebration Party

Few days ago, my good friend Alphone sent me an invitation for his celebration party (unfortunately, i forgot to take his invitation, since he left it on the campus). His new house is already finished and ready to be used. He hold a celebration party today at 12.30 PM at his new house (it's quite far from my house, about 30-45 minutes) and i definitely will come to the party. I will go there with my girlfriend and probably take some pictures. Just wait for the updates big grin

Congratulations for your new house Alphone applause

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Finally i had a chance to try on Virtualization. I have been interested on installing an operating system on top of other operating system and it will be done by using virtualization. Since my laptop is out of space to do that, i will have to do it on my desktop. So i started to download VMWare products and give it a try. I was confused at the beginning, as there are several products for virtualization area (Player, Converter, Server). My colleague told me that he had used Player in his laptop and it worked, so i tried to download this application first. I installed on my XP machine and i tried, but it seems that this application should be used when i already have a virtual machine, so i guess it's not the right application for me.

Next, i tried the server and still confused. So i tried to load VMWare Server Console and look for something there and hey... i found what i need. I should create a virtual machine there and prepare everything before i install a guest operating system (i'm trying to install Ubuntu Linux on my system, because i need it for my work). I set 3 GB for it and luckily it's sufficient (it consumes about 2,3 GB for the installation, and ended up with 700MB of free space). Since i have 512 MB of RAM, it's recommended to have 256 MB or RAM for the guest (don't forget about your host machine) and maximum of 284, so i choose 284 MB for it.

Next step is installing Ubuntu. At the beginning, it won't install, as it couldn't find any bootable CD or image on floppy. That's strange, as i have inserted my Ubuntu CD (which i downloaded this morning) and it's already bootable. So i tried to change the parameter to reference my CDROM to the ISO directly and yes, it will work big grin

Installation process runs as usual, and after that, i can have my Ubuntu Linux on top of my XP machine (even though it's quite slow since i only allocate 284 MB for it. The ideal memory is 512 MB or above). It's running well, except for the soundcard which isn't detected (i'm using onboard card), but it's not a big deal, so i just leave it like that. What's nice is that it can connect to the Internet directly via my physic ethernet card, since i set it to use direct NAT.

Virtual Feisty By VMWare

Friday, July 27, 2007

Microsoft Goes Open Source

You might surprise with the title, but it's true. Microsoft is going to work closer with Open Source community. Their first step was submitting its shared-source licenses to the OSI for approval. So far, Microsoft has released nearly 650 projects using their shared-source licenses. They even make a new site on their primary site to give brief detail about their efforts to work with Open Source community.

But, even though they are going to work closer with Open Source community, doesn't mean that they will release their mainline products' source code for public domain, as they have became the main asset of Microsoft and it will remain the same. So, don't expect Office (or any version of Microsoft main product) to be released using GPL or any other common Open Source licenses.

What surprised me is that in the last few years, some of Microsoft executives said that Open Source is not reliable and they don't deserve to look for, but now, they have worked together with Open Source people.

What i'm hoping from this move is that Microsoft will work better with formal specifications, mostly that has been defined by international organization. For example HTML/CSS Specifications. In the past, Microsoft tend to create their own implementation. As the result, many web developers has to "hack" their code in order to have working code for multiple browsers, just to support old version of IE. They are working better on this, but it should be improved in the future and we all are hoping for that with this move.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sound Problem

In the last few weeks, there has been a lot of problems about sound in most modern distro, from Ubuntu, Slackware, and many more. They have confirmed that their soundcard is detected by the kernel and the module has been loaded, but the speaker won't produce any sound. Most of them happened in Lenovo laptops (like my Friend, Anton). The solution i got from several sources are to compile newer ALSA packages, but in Linux Forum, there's a new solution you might try. Look at this thread and give it a try. It might work for you winking (you might need to change the path, since it's using Slackware)

Update (19 August 2007): Another solution has come up. This time is for users who used Realtek HD Audio. Check this thread for the solutions.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Presentation Time

Last week, Budi Raharjo has posted about Limiting Time On Presentation (it's in Indonesian). He said in his post that most people stay focused for about 15 minutes at maximum. After that, he/she will lose focus and perhaps became sleepy. This happened on most of class meeting, not only in college, but also in school (elementary, junior high school, and senior high school). At most school, a class will be around 45 minutes and in college usually 50 minutes per credit. For example you took 3 credit class, then you (ideally) have to listen for the lecturer for about 3x50 minutes (that's 2,5 hours). Is it possible to do that without getting sleepy?

When i was studying at college, i had experienced listening for 50 slides of presentations. Is it effective? Well it depends on the material. Most of the time, it didn't work very well. That's why when i make presentations, i limit my presentations to around 20 slides (I had 37 at maximum, but i split this into two class). For me, this is quite effective. I'm not sure if this will work for you, but give it a shot big grin

Comments are welcome

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Indonesian Online Games

Today i heard from the radio that there's a new online game which is build by Indonesian people, called LILO Games. When i searched the Internet via Google (as usual), i found the correct game name as Li'l Online Community. It's an online 3D simulation game where you can whatever you want to be. In this game, you can express about yourself and do normal activities, such as chatting, hanging out, take a walk, sports, dating, and many more. It's quite promising just by looking at the websites (i didn't download it, since i don't like playing online games).

Next thing is the requirements. It's only playable for Windows platform (as most famous online games do), but i wonder whether it will be playable by using Wine. Of course, it will need time to get it done with Wine as they're busy with other things on their development cycle. So far, Wine has been able to play several online games, which are listed on their AppDB. I wonder if they're going to make this game portable to Linux users big grin

Please remember that this game has patches that would add more features and bug fixes, so keep looking at their release note.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Rest Day

Great, finally i have one day off tomorrow. Today, my students have had their mid test and i have checked them all and upload it to the web so they can see their results. My campus allocate two days for mid test and since my class is the only class in this block (for computer science faculty), i don't have anything to do tomorrow, so i will use it to rest.

Well, it's not really rest day, since i have to prepare for next semester presentations. I will teach several new classes and since i don't have any material yet, so i have to prepare them in advance so it will ease my job in the future (i don't like to be rushed when deadline is near, so i used to have the job done in the beginning and have a nice day at the end). By doing it as soon as possible, i will have some time to review my work before i will use them. Well, let's see tomorrow. I'm looking for a nice day big grin

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Merges on 2.6.23

If you read KernelTrap lately, then you will notice that the posting is more frequent, meaning more hot news inside the linux kernel mailing list and Jeremy has summarized it for us in order to stay up to date with the latest kernel development. After kernel 2.6.22 has been released, Linus opened a merge window, which is a phase where most of the big changes are accepted and then when RC1 is released (meaning merge window is already stopped), they tried to fix things rather than adding new features on the kernel itself.

In this merge window this time, big changes has been integrated in the kernel mainline. You can see the whole details on Andrew Morton's plan for 2.6.23 but here's the main topic (and more human friendly), for example, Ingo Molnar's CFS scheduler, Tickless Kernel for x86-64, Rewriting x86 setup code and boils them as one code (Andika has a post about this), 2 new documentation translations for Japanese and Chinese, lguest and Xen Virtual Machine gets merged. Isn't that great? Lots of new features on the main kernel, but as the trade offs, the kernel size will be bigger than the previous 2.6.22.

I don't know why the translations are being merged (i haven't read the post yet, but i will soon after i post this), since more and more translations will come up and the kernel will be bloated with translations for many languages. I'm not saying documentation is a bad thing. In fact, documentation is very essential, but i think it deserves in other places rather than in the mainline kernel. Not every one will read the translations, as it requires you to understand Japanese or Chinese language.

I only wishes that it will be a smooth release, just like 2.6.20.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Workaholic: Is It That Bad?

I had to admit that sometimes, i'm being too workaholic. Sometimes i even forgot that i hadn't had my lunch or dinner when i'm working. One of the reason is that i don't like some kind of timeout when i'm doing things, since most of the time, i lost my mood when i had to do other things, for example taking someone's phone call, or doing other activities. As the result, my parents sometimes got mad at me because i am too busy with my job and sometime forget to take care of myself.

I had read a news where there's a people in China who died because he worked too hard and didn't get enough rest to recover his strength. It's very hard to believe, but it's true. I don't want to end up like that, but it's just my habit to do something until it's finished before i can take a break. That way, i can enjoy my break without any burdens.

Friday, July 20, 2007

24 Sometime Is Not Enough

I'm not talking about the famous 24 TV Series, but i'm talking about a normal time here. Sometimes, there are a lot of activities that we should do in our daily work and we can't finish all of them in just one day which makes us think that sometime 24 hours is not enough for us. We can't add more, so what can we do about it? We can't just work 24 hours a day, since we need to rest also. We also need our social life, not just sitting in front of the papers or computer. So the key is time management. I'm not so good about time management, but i have to get used to it or i will have my own problem in the future when my task will increase.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Curious About 2.3?

Are you curious about OOo 2.3? Well, i do and i got an email from John about a link to Sun's Blog which gives me a brief detail about what will be there in next major release of OOo 2.3. For full feature list, please see OOo's Wiki. Hey, it's not a complete list for now, but basically it contains the major components and it's already feature freeze, so i don't think there will be another features being added unless it's really really really important (which i doubt there is one).

This version will fix several problem occured in previous OOo, and also some security improvements, by raising the Macro Security Default Level will change to High – see 79170. This will increase overall security and hoping that case like BadBunny macro will not happen again in the future (actually it's not a self-spreading worms, as it need user interference to start executing the macros, so unless you really trust the sender, don't any document who had macro on it).

Meta data on HP Leakers

From Wikipedia, a meta data can be defined as:
data about data - more specifically information (data) about a particular content (data)
So what this meta data relates to HP Leakers? Well, if you have read news from some news site, such as PCWorld, you will probably already know that the last book of Harry Potter has leaked to the Internet via BitTorrent. I have seen the entry on some public Torrent site. The torrent was published just days before the official book is published that will happen on 21 July 2007 (that's 2 day from the day i post this blog).

There are two version of this leaked file. The first one is a written text and the second of consist of poor JPEG images. The first one is more readable since it's already in form of text and all you have to do is just print it, but the second one is more interesting, since it's being photographed by someone and unfortunately, they forgot to remove the meta data included in their photos, so it's still attached on it. As you can see, meta data on a picture sometimes consist of informations about the camera being used (or be more specific, unique serial number attached on every digital camera) or when the pictures are being taken. By tracking this serial number, it can be identified, who owned the camera and the authorities can take charges against these people.

I don't know whether JK Rowling will file a charge on this people or not, since i don't think it will affect the sale of the last book of Harry Potter. People still rather buy the original book as it's more comfortable to read and if you are a collector, you might want a real book than a PDF file.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mozilla Patches Firefox

Just now, Firefox prompted me to upgrade to Firefox I was quite surprised, since usually automatic updates comes 1-2 days after some public site announce them. So Mozilla team has patched Firefox (and probably newer version of Thunderbird will follow as well) for security vulnerabilities, including IE Call which could affect Firefox. They also fix several memory corruptions bug and there were a lot of them. For all of the bug fixed in, here you go (taken from Mozilla Security Advisories):
MFSA 2007-25 XPCNativeWrapper pollution
MFSA 2007-24 Unauthorized access to wyciwyg:// documents
MFSA 2007-23 Remote code execution by launching Firefox from Internet Explorer
MFSA 2007-22 File type confusion due to %00 in name
MFSA 2007-21 Privilege escallation using an event handler attached to an element not in the document
MFSA 2007-20 Frame spoofing while window is loading
MFSA 2007-19 XSS using addEventListener and setTimeout
MFSA 2007-18 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Doe Family

Sometimes, i heard about "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" in a movie, mostly when there's a person whose identity is still unknown (mostly for dead people, like in CSI or 24). I ran a search on Google and found an entry on Wikipedia. It seems that they have a name also for baby, called "Baby Doe" or "Precious Doe". What's more interesting is that Wikipedia list Informal names for unknown or unspecified persons in various countries/regions and Indonesia has one also, called Si Anu / Fulan. It seems very strange since i have never seen any Indonesian movies use this words (Anu) for people whose identity is still unknown. Mostly people use this word when he/she forgot somebody's name. And the second word is more uncommon than the previous one. I wonder where did they get this information big grin

Have you heard of it?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Problem Solved?

Just now, Speedy has just sent a person named Ferry to help me fixing my Internet connection problem. The strange thing is that my Internet connection was fine about 1 hour before he came, so i can chat, browse, and download. Strange huh? raised eyebrow

So he replaced my modem but a newer one (but a same model) and re-create my account and wait...wait... and voila... it can connect like usual. I tried to browse and try the new modem and so far it's working. Just when he asked me if i want to change the password, i changed my password (since i haven't changed it since first installation) and i reboot the modem, and when i restart it, it can connect again, BUT.... i couldn't browse anything. Strange right? It uses the same setting as the previous one, except that i change the password. Luckily, i spot the problem. He forgot to tick the NAT option, which is necessary in order to translate all of local request to 1 IP, which is my public IP or else i can't do anything (even pinging Telkom's DNS).

So... the result for now is that my problem is solved, but i will have to test it for a few days before i can give a conclusion that it has been totally fixed. But so far it's promising.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Connected But Unstable

Today, a guy from Speedy came to my house and tried to fix my problem after they called me at 1 PM. He checked my modem and he saw that the VPI and VCI setting were incorrect, so he delete the account, create a new one with correct setting, and voila.. it connects big grin

But wait.... the problem doesn't end there. When the guy left, i tried to browse some site and start my YM application. So far so good, until it stopped by itself and i couldn't connect anymore. I checked the modem LED and it's became RED again (meaning there's an error). Strange, i didn't do anything at all to change the modem settings, so i tried to delete the account and do the same steps, but i i failed to make it connect again. After several retries, finally i can fix it. But it didn't last for long, since it happened periodically.

At last, i tried to reset all of the modem setting by using a special button in the back of the modem using a pen and wait for about 10 seconds. By using this trick, your modem will lose all of it's settings, so it's kinda bare modem. I tried to setup my account again and it worked again (for now), but i don't know how long it will last this time (this is when i write this post). Hopefully it will be fixed permanently, since it's very annoying to reset the account every few hours just to get connected again at wits end

So i'm so sorry if in the middle of a chat session, i didn't respond for a long time and suddenly my YM quit not worthy

Start Migrating Folks

PHP has announced that they will stop supporting PHP4 until the end of this year and critical security fixes will be available on a case-by-case basis only until 8 August 2008 (nice number they pick on this one). They have prepared all the documentation required to upgrade to PHP 5.x (recommended is 5.2.x) and there's also a site, called GoPHP5 to help the migration campaign. In the site, every project listed there has agreed to have a minimum version requirement of at least PHP 5.2.0. It includes several big projects, such as PEAR, PHPMyAdmin, phpUnit, Gallery, and some hosting providers.

For web hosting, this might cause some problems, since PHP5 has a lot of changes and it may break compatibility with PHP4, so it's recommended that the web hosting owner start sending emails to the customer and tell them that the PHP application will be upgraded to PHP5 and the users are urged to test their site to be compliant to PHP5. They have about half a year to do so. I think it's more than enough to re-check their site again to be PHP5 compliance.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Which One Is Better?

Few days ago, my friend told me that he had been using a program called AusLogic Disk Defrag to replace Windows' built in defrag tool. He recommend it to me since i told him that my defrag process took some time and he said that it was too long thus he offered his program to me. So i take a look on the program. It's a freeware, so you can use it without having to buy any license and it's also small in size (1,5 MB).

First thing i had in my head was this question : "Is it safe?" So i browse the site and there's a sentence that said that the program uses safe Windows API to do it's task. Well, it's quite convincing, so i let it run on my desktop. The process was indeed faster than Windows defragmenter program, so my friend's claim was correct.

Today i feel that my system is slower than usual. So i was thinking about the side effect of the program i ran yesterday. So i run Window's defrag program and defrag all of my partitions and i tried to reboot again to compare with previous boot and it became a relative faster again. So i think there has been a difference on how both programs works. Few years back, i have tried using Norton Speed Disk and compare it with Windows' defrag program and my result is that both program use a different approach on how a disk should be defragmented, so if you run Speed Disk and then default defrag program, it could take longer than if you directly run defrag without running Speed Disk first. It also applies for the other side.

So i guess i will stick with Windows' default program, which is slower, but better in performance (on my case). It's a personal opinion, so if you think the program that you use is better, please feel free to choose it big grin

Friday, July 13, 2007

Broken Modem

This morning, my Internet connection was fine and i can chat, browse, download, etc. But at about 1 PM, my connection suddenly stopped and i couldn't do anything at all. I thought it was Speedy problem, but before i contacted 147, i tried to look for the modem and the right most LED have turned RED, which means there's a problem with the Internet line. So i tried to turn off the modem and turn it on again and hoping that it would turn normal again, but it didn't (it worked for me several times before).

So finally i tried to contact 147 and waited for about 2 hours without any response (they said that they were going to report it, but perhaps it's weekend, they will postpone it until next Monday). So i called the technicians that used to solve my problem and he said that he will try to ask for replacement for the modem (i suspect that the modem is broken, since i tried to logged in to Speedy using my account and it still worked).

So until the replacement has come, i will have to use the old way to connect to the Internet: Dial Up at wits end

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Second Block Finished

Today is the end of the second block. The students took their exams this noon and i have checked their results just now. I'm still working on the paper and also the programming task and i do hope it can be finished tomorrow morning so i can print it and waiting for complaints (if there are any) before i submit their final grade and my job for the second block will be finished. I will start third block next Monday big grin

Handling 85 students on one class is not that easy, but i'm glad it's over now. Third block will have fewer students whew!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Watching HP 5

I had a chance to watch HP 5 tonight, even though the queue was very long this morning. Many people have said that the fifth series will bring a lot of changes, since the director has changed, but still had to be proven first right? I never expected that the queue will be that long, since usually the queue line is very short, even for good movies (and even more, today is not weekend nor monday). But i think it's still better than in Jakarta, where the queue will be a lot longer than in Jogja.

Well, i should prepare myself now and let's go to Amplaz (short name for Ambarrukmo Plaza) to watch HP 5

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Speculation About IPhone Nano/Shuffle

Kevin Chang, an analyst at JP Morgan in Taiwan said that there will be a new IPhone version, dubbed as IPhone nano and IPhone Shuffle (just what happened with IPods family). Another fact that Reuters have reported that Apple filed a patent application on July 5 that seemed to suggest that the company was intending to introduce a Nano-style iPhone with a "circular touch pad control" much like the Nano. Here's the predicted design of IPhone nano or even shuffle (remember, it's only a prediction. We don't have any official statement from Apple itself):

Monday, July 09, 2007

API Problem Solved

Finally i had a confirmation that my solution for the previous Incompatible API problem has been verified by the client itself and it's working as expected. Next step will be implementing this on all modules and resend it again to be tested by the clients. Great news that it's solved, since the solution is shorter than the original one, but i guess it's better since i can remove 1 bloated file and change it with a simpler file which works better for multi Windows platform.

In the original solution, it used kernel.dll and user32.dll. I think the problem lies in the code which use the kernel.dll, since kernel in operating system evolve all the time and it may break compatibility. The later only uses user32.dll and fewer Windows API call and i think the implementation is not a big bang change, so it will still be compatible with older version of Windows.

Good news on hearing that....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

File Sharing in Jogja

For you who lives in Jogja and love to download/upload something, then this site probably will probably your favorite: JogjaUpload. It's like Rapidshare, MegaUpload, or any other file sharing services, but this one is specialized for Jogja only, so you will gain more speed if you are using an ISP that is located in Jogja or connected to Yogyakarta Internet Exchange (YIX). This site is sponsored by Citranet.

This site requires you to sign up before you can have your 100 MB quota (and it keeps increasing) and after that you can start uploading and share your files to others. Remember that you will get better performance if you are using an ISP that is located in Jogja or connected to YIX, so if you are using a national ISP, such as Speedy, don't blame if you don't get much improvements (unfortunately, i used Speedy also waiting)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reckless Driver

Today, when i went back from my campus, i saw a reckless bus driver that pass through an intersection without slowing down at all and he was driving for about 50-60 Km/hour. It happened near central Gramedia building on Sudirman Street (on the way to UGM if you go straight. Here's the location taken from Wikimapia). I was going home via Sabirin street so i had to cross the street since i came from the other side. From some distance i saw a bus and when i wanted to cross the street, i didn't see any intention from the driver to slow down, so i hit the break and i stopped or the bus will struck me and also some other people who were trying to cross the street also. That's not how it supposed to be angry He should be responsible for passenger's safety and also other people also.

Other thing i hate about bus is when they stopped when there's no bus stop sign. They stopped at random places to pick up or drop passengers. Sometimes, they don't even give a signal and they just switch side and stopped. This is very dangerous and unfortunately, it don't just happened in Jogja, but i guess in every cities in Indonesia.

Busway? Yes, they do have their terminal, but some of the drivers were also reckless and i have seen some reports of this also. It's a big homework for the transportation ministry to solve this problems, after UE has forbid Indonesian airways to fly to Europe and several other accidents that happened in the past.

Update (8 July 2007 7:34 AM): It seems that Blogger missed this post and didn't update their atom feed, so i had to "touch" it again winking

Friday, July 06, 2007

Incompatible API

My ex-colleague contacted me about my first project. The client had a problem when their customer tried to run the program in Windows 2000. It went fine on XP and above, but failed to run on 2000. I ran some code analysis and i made a preliminary hypothesis that it was caused by the code that prevent the application to be executed more than once. We used quite complicated Mutex class combined with some Windows API in order to prevent the application is being executed twice. It did work, but i haven't test the code in Windows 2000 after the implementation phase and now it became a problem. I suspect that there has been a non backward-compatibility on Windows API, mostly for kernel.dll which was being used.

So i tried to remove the code which deals with the Mutex and send it again to my coleague, since i don't have a direct access to the repository. I also don't have the development environment needed to test the program, so i edit the file directly via a text editor and modify it and sending it without compiling it (luckily i made some documentation on the code, so i know which part should be removed so easy). There were some errors (due to missing "}") but it was a simple task to do and finally it worked. So my hypothesis was correct. So i start looking for an alternative and i found a good one on CodeProject. Since the program was being build using C#, i tried to find the similar project and finally i found this article. The usage of this code is very simple and all you have to do is include the file in the project, add a new line in the declarative (using xxxxxx;) and then add some condition in the code which will start the main program and you are done with it. The code works on Windows 2000 also (even though it also uses the Windows API, but i guess it has better compatibility).

Thursday, July 05, 2007

OpenOffice.org on i15n

So you have heard of i15n project? So far, some projects have joined that project, including OpenOffice.org which has it's own project link. The repository will not change. We will still use the CVS server provided by Sourceforge since the i15n project hasn't had any server to hold all the repositories so far (hopefully soon). So visit our project list and if you are interested, you might join us also. For those who want to discuss about OOo, then i recommend that you join proyek-ooo@yahoogroups.com mailing list. It's not only for translations project, but for OOo discussion also, so don't hesitate to join us there big hug

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Slackware 12 on Desktop

In the next few days, i'm planning to install Slackware 12.0 on my desktop. I have finished downloading the ISOs from GDS mirror just now and it's ready to rock n roll on my desktop. But first, i have to give my computer a break since it has been running for more than 16 hours just to download all of the ISOs (since last night). Can't wait finally Slackware 12.0 will be installed on my PC big hug

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Better Now, But There's Better News

After resting for one night, i'm feeling better today, even though not yet fully recovered. But i have better news. Slackware 12.0 is officially out!!!
Yes, it's official now. Check my post on my SlackBlogs for more details or directly to the official announcements from Patrick Volkerding. There's also an entry on DistroWatch (it's on the first page right now, but it will change soon as others will release as well).

Unfortunately, for now, there will be no ISO images. They don't have a luxury bandwidth to hold ISO images, so they provides via torrent. In the next few days, ISO images will (hopefully) appear on mirrors, so you can download it directly. I will tell Ozzie to update Indonesian mirrors when it's there. So stay tunes on the news...cool

Update (4 July 2007 00:45 AM): Some mirrors have started to provide ISOs for Slackware 12.0, for example Goodie Domain Service. Happy downloading big grin

Monday, July 02, 2007

Cough and Sore Throat

Cough and Sore Throat, this are what i had in the last three days (since last week). Luckily, my class is having a mid test which will be held tomorrow, so i had a chance to rest for one day (today is also for mid test, but not for my class) and i will continue to teach them again next Wednesday. This is the consequence of block system that are being used in this short semester. It's being tested for the first time and i'm one of the (lucky/unlucky) person who will experienced of using this system. If it works, it will be used for next year again. So far, the first block has been completed and it's on the middle of second block. Third block will start in the next two weeks.

I guess i have to take a good rest and hopefully my illness will be recovered soon

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Over 5000 Members

Yesterday, Indonesian Linux Forum has surpassed more than 5000 registered users (5003 currently at the time i post this). While this number is considered very small compared to other forum (mostly for international forum, for example LinuxQuestions that had 301885 members so far) i'm still quite happy with this statistics, since almost 99% of the members were Indonesian people, not like the other forums whose members came from many countries around the world. Here are some statistics of Indonesian Linux Forum which i got from the admin panel:
Number of posts: 53708
Posts per day: 49.47
Number of topics: 9023
Topics per day: 8.31
Number of users: 5003
Users per day: 4.61
Board started: Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:09 pm
Database size: 81.06 MB

So it tooks about three years to get 5000 users. But how well are we so we could get 10000 users in the next few years? What's your prediction about this? I'd say that it would take less than three years to surpassed 10000 users, since Linux is now has become more mature and easy to use, so it's getting more suitable for desktop users, not only for servers. Other reason is that there has been a lot of sweaping around, mostly for Internet Cafe and big companies who used illegal version of Windows. Most of them have decided to migrate to Open Source solution and Linux is their choices. When they need help and place to discuss, a mailing list or forum is required, so Indonesian Linux Forum is one of those places to share and discuss about Linux and Open Source applications.