Friday, September 30, 2011

No More Interesting KDramas

Lately, i haven't followed too many KDramas since IMHO, there aren't so many good KDramas like before. The only KDramas i followed is Protect The Boss which has ended as of this morning as the final episode has been broadcasted in South Korea last night. All i need is wait for the translations from DarkSmurfSub fansub group.

As the substitute, i'm collecting several HD quality movies which i would like to watch together with my wife in our new room. I usually watched 720p BluRay rip in the past, but now, i upgraded it to 1080p which has better quality than 720p. Since most of them are in mkv format, the size is not as big as in avi format, so i can save lots of space in my hard drive even though i still have plenty of empty space on it (it has 2 TB in total).

Firefox 7 Add-On Problems and Solution

Yesterday, i decided to upgrade my Firefox on my laptop from 6.0.2 into 7 via automatic updates, but it couldn't find any update at all. That's quite strange, since i updated the same browser on my workstation few hours earlier and it was fine.

Today, i got the answer from H-Online. It's said that Mozilla developers got a bug report that relates to add-ons being dissappeared after upgrading to Firefox 7, thus the developer decided to pause the automatic updates mechanism until this problem has been fixed in the next Firefox 7.0.1 release. They even release a new tool called Add-On Recovery tool as a temporary workaround for this problem.

Guess what? They have now released a new Firefox version with the fix incorporated, so if you have upgraded to Firefox 7.0, click on Help > About and you will see a new update that should upgrade your Firefox to 7.0.1

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Schedule Confirmed

I got confirmation from the travel agent that my tour package has been confirmed and i will be leaving next Monday until the next ten days with my wife in two different places.

After having some discussion with my wife and the travel agent, we finally come to the decision to go to Singapore and Bali. Even though we really wanted to go to Hong Kong at the beginning, it was cancelled due to timing problem which also due to China's independence day, in which all of their embassy staffs are having their day offs for seven days straight. This caused a lot of tour agent postponed their travel until October 16 and since i can't go on this date, we decided to go to Singapore and Bali instead.

We hope it's going to be a wonderful moment for both of us since this is our first honeymoon Yahoo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 7 Released

Finally Mozilla released Firefox 7 with another memory usage improvements. Thanks to the Memshrink project which was worked out from Mozilla engineers, they are able to reduce the memory consumption up to 20-50% in some cases (the situation varies on each cases). This is a big improvements, even though that number came from a benchmark which can't be used to reflect the natural condition that most users had.

I have upgraded my Firefox this morning via automatic update and everything looks snappier. I forgot to update my AdBlockPlus addon, so it was complaining that it wasn't compatible with it. As soon as i update my add-on, it brings the updated version to me and i can update mine.

Firefox 7 also fixed several other problems and implements some new and enhanced features inside (see the Release Notes), so it's the best release you could ever get from Mozilla.

Mozilla also baptized Mozilla Thunderbird which is released just a day after Mozilla Firefox 7 and they are now in sync with each other Yahoo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deciding Schedules

These two days i have been discussing with my wife about where should we go for our honeymoon and in which date should we leave. The problem is that because it's so close with the date, it's getting harder and harder to find the cheapest options.

We couldn't go to Hong Kong this time since we don't have time to request for visa since the Chinese embassy will be off for one week for their independence's day starting at October 1 and we were kinda late for the trip. Every tour agent postponed the schedules and move it to October 16, where i should go back to work again Crying

Hopefully i can have the definitive answer by tomorrow Goodluck

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sold Out

I haven't planned my honeymoon, and time is ticking at wits end

Today, my wife tried to contact the tour agent and asked about the tour to Hong Kong, but it was fully booked nailbitingI didn't think that they would close the registration so fast. Probably because it will be China's independence day next week.

I'm trying to find other travel agents who can manage my honeymoon so that i can spend my time with my wife Sky

3000 Posts

This post marks another milestone i have for this blog: 3000 posts Yahoo

I first posted in 2004 and seven years later, i finally got 3000 posts. This is achievable since i tried to post daily and sometimes i posted more than a post in one day.

The focus of this blog also has changed since the first time i posted. At the beginning, i talked more about technology and Linux, but lately, i have been talking about my personal experience and life (it's my personal blog anyway). I'm so glad that despite that i'm talking more about myself, i got a positive response from many people around the world (i take a look on the stats that Blogger team has given to it's user).

A milestone has been accomplished, and a new milestone is right ahead: reaching for 4000 posts Gym

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Week

Next week will be my last week before mid semester for the students and time for me to take a break for a while and go on vacation (honeymoon) with my wife as i didn't take any day off before and after the wedding party.

Since i have a busy schedule this semester, the only time i had with my wife was only at night and also during weekend. I feel sorry for her and during the vacation, i will try not to connect to the Internet (can't really sure but i will try) Goodluck

Hopefully everything will be ok and i will have a pleasure honeymoon with my beloved wife Heart

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Mechanism from BCA

Yesterday, i got a letter from BCA which has IMPORTANT label printed on the envelope. I never got this kind of letter before, so i was a little bit curious about it and opened it.

They gave an early instructions for those who used a credit card from BCA that they have implemented a new mechanism to enhance security for their customers. They gave a detailed instructions about the new mechanism and i think it's a good security measure by BCA. Even though it will likely caused some discomfort (security always opposite of comfortable), i think from BCA's organization point-of-view, they are taking a good step towards client data protection.

One thing i like is that they gave a month early notice to their users, which should be enough for the users to anticipate this changes that could affect how they do their business.

Friday, September 23, 2011

iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Coming Soon

At last, finally iPad 2 users will be able to enjoy untethered jailbreak after P0sixNinja, one of the iOS hacker confirmed that Greenpois0n will be updated to enable jailbreak on iPad 2 and also in future iPhone 5.

They will use the same client-side attack which was used in the authored by Comex. See the news on FreakGeeks for more information.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Blog

My wife and i have both decided to make a new blog which will be co-authored by both of us. Our new blog will be in Indonesian language only since she is not used to write in English and to make it consistent, we decided to use our native language. I have registered the subdomain for the new blog, but i still don't have time to customize the design. For now, i will use the template available on Blogger.

We will try to post pictures on it, so for those who don't understand Indonesian will still be able to understand the pictures we posted. We hope that our memories together will always be available forever (or until Blogger decided to shut down their service).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ever since i got married, i have to readjust my work time because i have my wife waiting for me at night. I couldn't work until late anymore, so i have to be more efficient on my work thus no more fun or unused activities on my daily life.

I guess marriage can bring dramatic changes with my life Goodluck

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Peaceful Campaign

Our current mayor is about to retire after two periods and now it's time for an election and there are three candidates that will be the successor of the current mayor. Right now, they are in campaign process and the real election will be held next month.

Today, i went for a walk with my wife and saw lots of motorcycles were on the streets. There were two big group marching together and i was in the middle of it. I thought it would be a chaotic campaign, but luckily, i'm fine and nothing happened.

It seems that they have agreed to have a peaceful campaign this time and this makes most of the citizens happy. I wish this harmony can be implemented in whole nation, not just in our city.

Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day

Today is my first day of working after the big day two days ago. While i'm not yet finished with the fatigue, i still have to work since i didn't take any vacation or day off until the next two weeks when the students will have their two weeks mid test. That's the perfect timing to go abroad with my wife V Love

I still have to finish up lots of thing here before i can leave for honeymoon and i don't think everything will be finished until the end of this year, as we both have a busy schedule, so i guess we really need some time to take a break and clear up our errands

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Status Changed

Since i'm now married, i should change my marrital status on every site i have so that people won't mistake for my status and also my wife will not be dissapointed lmao

So far, i have changed on my Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk account. Please let me know if someone sees my status and still mentioned as engaged or even worse "single"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Long-lived NVidia Drivers

NVidia now support for long term (they actually called it long-lived) drivers for Linux platform. The purpose of having this branch is because not everyone has a chance to buy new hardware or some prefer to have a more stable system without any need about new features from their vendor (Ubuntu LTS users for example).

The new branch will only have bug fixes and small maintenance efforts compared to normal drivers which are released periodically. I'm not sure how will NVidia handle their release process, but i thing it will not be as often as regular drivers, since they only provides bug fixes and most of the bugs exists because the introduction of a new features.

They have started to release their first long-lived driver and it came from 275.xx series.

VMWare Workstation 8

For those who played in virtualization world, you might be happy to hear this : VMWare Workstation 8 is now released to bring new interesting features such as:
  • Remote Connections – VMware Workstation 8 provides a seamless way to establish remote connections to hosts running in Workstation, VMware vSphere, and VMware vCenter™.
  • "Share" VMs – New in Workstation 8, users can share VMs so they can be accessed by teammates providing a quick way to test applications in a more production-like environment.
  • Upload to vSphere –Workstation 8 enables users to drag and drop a VM from a user's desktop to VMware vSphere. This feature allows users to deploy a complete application environment from a PC to a server for further testing, demoing, and analysis.
  • New User Interface –The VMware Workstation 8 user interface has been revamped with simplified menus, live thumbnails, improved preferences screens, and a new virtual machine library with enhanced searching. Users can now search and access a large library of virtual machines that can reside on your desktop, a server, or on another PC running VMware Workstation.
  • Improved Virtual Machine Capabilities – With support for HD audio with 7.1 surround sound, USB 3 and Bluetooth devices, Workstation 8 delivers new levels of virtual machine performance. In addition, improvements to virtual SMP, 3D graphics performance and new support for 64-GB RAM allows users to run the most demanding applications in a virtual machine.
If you are part of an education institution, you might as well sign up for VMWare Academic Program to get a long term support and also a discounted price for some of VMWare's product:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two More Days

It's just two more days before my big day and still there are lots of change of plans during these days. Some of them are considered critical, while the others are minor (but annoying) changes that could take my time because those are trivial changes, but someway, it's like forcing me to do it Idiot

Let's hope i can finish the rest of them tomorrow and i can enjoy the last day as a single person because on the next day, i will have a new status of being a married person Banana Cool

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Imperial New Place

Imperial is the photo studio i picked for my prewedding session few months ago. Today, they are going to hold an opening party and gala dinner for their new place in YAP Square. Congratulations to Mr. Hendry and their crews and best wishes for all of you Applause

They are holding 3 days event. Today is the grand opening and in the next two days, it will be a photo exhibitions. If you would like to visit them, please go to YAP Square in C. Simanjutak street, Yogyakarta. You will see a big tent with IMPERIAL board on top of it

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Overload at DSS?

DarkSmurfSub is known for it's pace in translating Asian dramas (mostly Korean), but lately, i kinda think that they are having an overload due to lots of new dramas gets added while they are short of translator, editor, timer, and QCers.

Adding new drama will require a new team to handle the load. If the current contributor shared their priorities between two (or more) dramas, it will make the progress becomes slower and in the end, their tradition of having a quick and good quality translations will be ruined.

I really like their work, but please try to concentrate on the quality instead of pursuing the quantity by sacrificing the quality work.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Week as Single

This week should be my last week to have "single" as my status. By the end of this week, i will have a new status and starts a new family.

Even though i'm preparing for the big day by the end of this week, i don't take any day off this week, and since i'm so busy with my current schedule, i'm quite overwhelmed with the current load. Hopefully i'm able to complete this week safely and have a wonderful the big day celebration Banana Rock

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Security Breach

After the home of the Linux Kernel was taken down for a full reinstall following a security breach last week, today, LinuxFoundation has officially announced that two more websites will be taken down for a complete reinstall due to security breach and they are and LinuxFoundation. Many people (including me) believes that this two incidents were related to each other as the target is quite similar: the Linux community website.

The breach was discovered three days ago, but they have just released an official statement today. I think the sysadmin should pay more attention to their systems and i hope they can learn something from this happening that even by using Linux doesn't mean that they are invicible. Linux is not the perfect solution. In fact, no single product is perfect on this world. It's just a matter of time before someone break into your system. We should prepare for the worst situation everyday Gym

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I just had 4 hours blackout today. I'm so pissed off Angry

I went to a barber to cut my hair, but suddenly it went off. The barber said that it would take just 15 minutes to have it powered again, but until i finished it about 30 minutes later, it was still blackout.

After i got home, i waited until i fell asleep and even until 4 hours after the initial blackout, it still dark. The electricity goes back for a moment and then went off again Idiot. It finally got back for the second time and this time, it lasts until now. Let's hope it won't happened again

Friday, September 09, 2011

Another Fraud Attempt

Few days ago i got an email notification from PayPal saying that someone donated a small amount of money to my account. I was surprised, happy, but also worried about it. Surprised because no one has ever donated to me again, happy since there is somebody who generously give donation to me, but also worried that this might be another fraud attempt which targetting my account as the escape goat.

Unfortunately for me, it was really a fraud attempt. I contacted the sender and he said it wasn't him who send the money, so i refunded the money to the original owner and it's done. He didn't sue or report me to PayPal as i didn't do anything to his account and it was someone else who did it.

I just don't want to get my account got suspended again just like the previous one and in the end, i would have to call to Singapore just to resolve this problem as using their system will take too much time to clarify.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

No Good KDrama Lately

I'm a KDrama addict who usually watched about 4-6 KDrama episodes per week, but lately, i only watched 2-4 dramas. It's all due to no good KDramas lately IMHO. All the good drama has ended and that leaves me with Protect The Boss.

I haven't completed Spy Myung Wol, but there's only one episode left, so i guess i can finish them by this week or so depends on the subs by DSS team. When that ends, i may not have the time to hunt for good KDramas as i have to prepare for the big day next week. I will probably start a new search after that tongue

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Thunderbird Catching Up

Mozilla is planning to release Firefox 7 this year and right now, they are still in Beta 4 phase. It seems that Thunderbird doesn't want to miss this chance by bumping Thunderbird version to 7 to sync up with Firefox.

Thunderbird is now on Beta 2 and it will be released shortly after Firefox is released as they shared some codes inside them.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Initial Preview of Ubuntu 11.10

Many people (including me) was pretty dissappointed with Ubuntu 11.04 with it's Unity feature. It's like unfinished work which was forced into user's hand and in the end, many people hated it.

Well, that's five months ago and right now, Canonical is preparing for the release of upcoming 11.10 Oneric Oncelot which should have brought improvements compared to 11.04 release.

Manuel Jose has written 12 Things New in Ubuntu 11.10 along with screenshot tour to help you understand major changes that will be integrated in the final release of Ubuntu 11.10. This should give you a glimpse of what will the next Ubuntu release look like. I'm pretty sure you will find the article quite interesting to read Goodluck

Monday, September 05, 2011

Official ArchLinux Repository

Last Saturday, i filled a feature request on ArchLinux bug tracker to add UKDW as one of their official repository and per today, the request has been granted. UKDW Repository will be added as one of their official repository and it will be added on pacman's mirrorlist file.

I have been using ArchLinux for some time and even though it's not my day-to-day distribution i used, i found it quite amusing and interesting as official packages are updated almost hourly. I like with it's rolling-release model and how they end up having a good community even though they are still considered new player in Linux community.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


I'm having another small feast with my G7 friends at Food Fezt tonight and it was actually unplanned event. My friend send a post in our Group in Facebook and then continues in Twitter, and we finally decided to have dinner together at Food Fezt. At the beginning, we were planning to go to Papindo and the to Zest, but since it's Sunday, they were closed.

This will probably be our last feast at least until my big day which will happened in the next two weeks. Until then, i won't be able to go out so often as my schedule will be so busy.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Moving Back

Today, my sister went back to Jakarta and i planned to move back to my original room and by now, i have accomplished it. I'm now sitting on my old room with Internet connection back online and all the computer were set up nicely here.

Now, it has two desks, so i can have my laptop running on the other desk while i'm working on my desktop and i just simply run a terminal and ssh to the laptop to see what's going in there. In the future, this room will be my working room as i will use another room for my bed room.

It's so nice to come back to my sweet room Yahoo

Friday, September 02, 2011

Move Back

Tomorrow, i will spend most of my day moving back my items back to my original room after my sister go back to Jakarta. She already spent her vacation for about a week in Jogja and since she is now working in Jakarta, the day off are already over and she will be back to her daily activities starting on Monday.

As for me, the same situation occurred to me. I will be back to my very busy schedule while i have to prepare for my big day later on this month. In the next two weeks, it will be a very busy day for me and i guess for our family and my fiancee's family. We still have lots to do and hopefully everything will be OK at the big day.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Blogger Interface

Blogger hasn't received many major upgrade since the last time it has been major upgraded, but that will soon be over with as Google Team has posted an official announcement that they are revamping Blogspot's UI with a new design and it's slicker than before (as always).

It's now dominated with white color and it gives users more information about the blog stats and information they need to know. It's not enabled by default, but some of you may have seen a new link that invites you to see what is the new UI looks like. I got mine too and i will do so after i posted this post Evil Grin