Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mi4: Birthday Present to my Mom

Last year, i gave a new smartphone to my Dad which was Asus Zenfone 6 and this year, i gave another smartphone, but this time to my Mom and it's Mi 4. She wanted a slim, compact, and easy to use smartphone and i have been searching for some time before finally i decide to give this product to her.

I ordered last week and since it was public holiday (independence) and they were out of stock, i had to wait until this week and finally the phone arrived yesterday. I unboxed it and found that it was very lightweight. It's also very comfortable thanks to an anti-fingerprint soft touch matte cover. It is coated for extra resistance to fingerprints and grease.

The first thing i did was upgrading to the latest firmware. It took some time to complete downloading the new firmware, but i think it's worthed. The new version is a little bit darker, but i didn't really notice much besides the darker theme.

I haven't played much with these new phone, since my focus is to prepare it for my mom's daily usage and gave her some training about this new phone. I hope she likes it and get used to it quickly.