Wednesday, August 31, 2005

OOo 2.0 Beta 2

Last Sunday, i wrote about "Where is 1.9.125?". Today, i have found the answer. It's now released under Beta 2 version of OOo 2.0, so you won't find it in developer directory, but in stable directory, where it usually for 1.1.x release. It's not ready for production yet, but if you are curious, you can try this version and give your comments.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Captcha on Blogger

Blogger has a new facility, word verification, sometimes called Captcha. This can be used to reduce spamming on posting comments, because robots can't predict the word that was automatically generated and it became an image. You can activate this setting via Settings > Comments. Enjoy your blogger :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Google Talk

Yesterday, i tried Google Talk and it worked in my Linux platform, even though the voice support was only in Windows platform. I used Gaim as my client and using Jabber as the protocol, as the Help page. Today, i will try to use it in Windows platform. It uses GMail account as the login information, so if you don't have one, please ask your friend to invite you. If you are in US, you can sign up via mobile phone. You will also need a better Internet connection, since it sends a voice and not just texts or emoticons

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where Is 1.9.125?

Recently, i browsed some mirror for an update to OOo 2.0 beta and i found that there has been a directory for 1.9.125, but after i checked few days later (and today), it's still empty and the last update date was 23 August. Where is 1.9.125 build? Well.. perhaps it's delayed and replaced with another build, but who knows? We will see that in a few days later.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another Install Fest

Jogja LUG will hold another Install Fest in next September along with other events to celebrate the Software Freedom Day. It will be a two day events. The first day will be watching a movie together and also a discussion about GNU/Linux. The second day will be the Install Fest party where you can bring your computer and we will help you to install GNU/Linux on your computer. You can choose which distro will be installed, but we will prepare some of them also.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mandriva 2006 Coming Soon

The third beta build has been shipped for Mandriva 2006, the upcoming distro from Mandriva. Here are the changelog for the Beta 3 build:

# Mandriva Linux 2006 beta 3
* 250 bugs fixed since 2006-0.2
* 5621 packages rebuilt (811 ppc, 1681 x86_64, 614 noarch, 2506 i586)

# DrakX 1.1063 / Drakxtools 10.3-0.48mdk:
* Fix a bug for configuring Mouse
* Fix some modems firmwares loading
* Enhance grub parsing (17732)
* Client tree edit fix (17653), Write to floppy (17655)
* Printerdrake,
* Removed stuff for automatic print queue setup when starting CUPS.
* When printerdrake's first-time dialog appears on plugging a USB printer, the user can now also turn off print queue auto-setup before starting printerdrake and so without needing the printing infrastructure to be installed.
* Added automatic setup of Ethernet-connected HP printers with HPLIP.
* When one chooses "Printer Connection Type" in the "Edit" menu of an Ethernet-connected printer which is under the control of HPLIP or HPOJ, "LOCAL" was pre-selected as connection type and not "SOCKET". Fixed.
* Made matching of detected printer model name with HPLIP database more reliable.
* Harddrake, use the new way to blacklist modules (12731)
* Packages installation, don't fork anymore to install rpms during install, use "nofsync" for rpm database (=> speedup x2)

# kernel 2.6.12-10mdk
* WARNING: Security Hyper-Threading enabled by default (at boot time use ht=off to disable)
* applied patch to cpufreq support centrino.
* ACL support to NFS
* XEN configs updated (enabled more options)
* only build xen on x86, will enable on x86_64 later
* Advertise the megaraid_mbox as megaraid_mbox (and not megaraid) in sysfs
* Ndiswrapper 1.2
* Updated ipw2100 to 1.1.2, ipw2200 to 1.0.6
* e100 and e1000 drivers update (e100 to 3.4.8-k2 and e1000 to 6.0.60-k2)
* Set the pwc driver to use non compressed mode by default.
* added XEN support
* resurrect legacy megaraid for { 0x9010, 0x9060, 0x1960 }

# GTK 2.8.0
# gaim 1.5.0
# sane 1.0.16
# epiphany 1.6.5
# kat 0.6.2
# amarok 1.3
# udev 068
# Now is included in the x86_64 ISO files
# DVD version have the Powerpack theme

Cool ha?
Well.. let's wait for some time before the final version that will be (i hope) released in next September (based on their release schedule). It will be a great release :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fantastic Four

After i was able to watch DVD via my laptop, i borrowed my cousin's movie, Fantastic 4 and i watched them. It was a quite cool movie, but the quality was not so good. It was dark and the subtitles weren't good either. So, i have to listen the actor was saying and it was quite hard, since the sound quality wasn't so clear. Well... at least i know the whole point of the movies :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Yesterday i tried to play DVD movies on my laptop in both platform. First, i tried in Windows and i used Windows Media Player, but it won't play any sound. So i downloaded PowerDVD and yes.. it worked perfectly. Now, for the Linux, mplayer couldn't do the role, so i gave a chance to Xine and yes... he did it perfectly, even though i have to add the file manually, but it worked. Now i can watch DVD from my laptop in both platform. Thanks to my friends who helped me in MM UGM yesterday :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An Issue

My uncle has just called me and said that there is an issue that there will be an major shutdown on electric power on 5 PM. It will be happen in every Java island and also Bali, because he is in Bali right now. Well... gotta quick typing since it is 4.44 PM right now :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

New Session

Starting last week, the English Premiere League has started a new league session, started by a community shield event that was used for a charity purpose with Arsenal and Chelsea were fighting for the title and won by Chelsea 2-1. MU has won 2 continuous run and this is a good sign that they will be back for the title that was lost to Chelsea last season. Ruud Van Nistelrooy has also scored twice and proven that he was still active and productive. Well.. still 36 more matches and it's a long season. Let's continue to watch the match every weekend.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Yesterday, i went to Galleria Mall with my girlfriend and also my cousins. We went to TimeZone and also Fantasia game station and played some games. First, i played Bishi Bashi, an old game that was available on PlayStation, and now it's available on arcade machine. It was fun and cute and i defeat my cousins more than twice. Next, i got 2 jackpot from the other games... yeahhh.... cool way to reduce stress :)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Busy Week

This week i'm kindda busy by a lot of task and it will be like this until next week. One of the task i should finish this week is making an IT-related article and also editting the other article for our first edition of Informatica magazine. It's a monthly magazine that will discuss about technology and also computers. Check the schedule for our first release which will be in September (if there are no major problems)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Will IE Dominant Again

After the release of IE 7.0 Beta 1, the developer start their way to Beta 2 which should include many facility and updates to the latest IE 7.0 development progress, such as CSS enhancement. This is what i need in IE, CSS support. In some websites, there are some reports that said Firefox's is slowing down. Will IE be dominant again after the 7.0 final release? We don't know yet, but as long as security become the open door in IE, people should start migrating their browser to another product, such as Firefox or Opera which are safer and also faster.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

War of The World

Few hours ago, i have just seen the latest movie from Steven Spielberg, "War of The World". It was a great combination of thriller, action, and a little bit of horror. Unfortunately, i don't really like the ending, since it wasn't totally finished yet. There are still a lot of tripod-like aliens around in other town and it didn't reflect the war too much. But i have to admin that the effect was great and brilliant.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Independence Day

Today is our 60th independence day and it should be a crowded day, since most people will celebrate this day with a lot of events. But we should rethink about our status right now. Are we really free with all the problems that happened to us in the last 5 years? Many things aren't right and not being fixed at all. Well.... it's independence day anyway.... lets celebrate it :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kevin in Action

Finally i managed to get the Kevin Mitnick's true story by borrowing the movie that was made based on his true story, Takedown. I know it's an old movie, but it's very hard to search for this movie, and at last i can get it after five years of his freedom day in 2000. Unfortunately, the CD was not in the perfect condition, so some parts are skipping and that's when he cracked his chasser's computer and delete his home directory (yes, it was Linux/Unix's platform). He was trully brilliant and has a high sense of curiosity, like the Nokitel and the SAS technology. He managed to get them both in less than one week by combining Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering, a bunch of Expresso, and also run and hide action. For those who haven't seen this film and you are interested how a hacker/cracker works, you should add this movie to your must-have list.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Smooth Blend

I read KDE 3.5 Preview by Jure Repinc and it was said that the next KDE version will include a new Window Decoration, called Smooth Blend which can be downloaded from KDE-look. It will not be the default and replaced Plastik, but surely it was a great idea, since the new one looks great also. I have tested it in my laptop and it was nice. Why don't you give it a try and give your comments here?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

OOo Quick Starter

For several version, i didn't include the OOo Quick Starter as the installation options, but i should change it and install the OOo Quick Starter as the next OOo build has been released, since it surely reduce the load time of OOo, even though you will have a longer boot time when you enter your desktop environment, since Quick Starter try to load some library needed by the OOo. It's quite fair for me though.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

UKDWNet Open House

Yesterday, UKDWNet held an open house and many new students came into B.1.1 and it was so crowded. Hopefully, many new students will be interested in the UKDWNet for the next generation. The event was part of OKA and every students from every faculty joined the event. It will be held for three days and today will be the last day and starting next week, they will start studying in the new environments.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Firefox Tweak Documentation

Some online media has published about this article, but i just found it yesterday, after i read PCPlus 235 which was contributed by Y.J. Thurana. He wrote about "Optimizing Firefox Browser" which discuss the about:config preferences which it's documentation can be seen in the MozDev sites. While it is not complete, it is one of the most comprehensive resources available on the Internet, so if you have any addon for this documentation, you can send an email to This list applies to Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, other derivatives and all related extensions!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Updated Centrino Articles

I have updated my articles about Activating Centrino Modules on GNU/Linux. It has been published on PCPlus 235 and i have removed Slackware's path section, since by using the latest hotplug and udev packages, there isn't any modification needed anymore regarding the path problems. If you need an article about installing the Centrino on your laptops, visit my personal page and grab the articles for free.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Final Decision

Finally i made up my mind and i have decided that i should register to UGM for MKom master degree. I have registered yesterday but it wasn't complete yet. I haven't submited my photos and my CV (Curicullum Vitae). It should be finished in two days and all i have to do is wait for the announcement. Let's hope in next September i have start my study at master degree.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Updating Project Page

Yesterday i have finished updating the local OOo Documentation Project website by correcting all the HTML tags so it has no warning anymore. It has a lot of pages, so it took me two days to finish that. Now, it is all finished and i'm uploading it right now. If you find any error on any particular page, please give your comments on this post or email me directly. Thanks.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I was trying to play Nexuiz, a multiplatform game that was based on Quake Engine. First, i tried this at my Slackware desktop and it was very slow. I realized this because i haven't installed the NVidia driver, so yesterday i booted into text mode and install kernel-source package and the NVidia driver. There was a problem though, which was the miscalculation of the font size. I read the xorg.conf's manual and also the NVidia README (it's a good idea to download the README files), and i added a new field, DisplaySize and entered 260 370 for the value and voilaaaaa...... it was the fix i'm looking for.

Now, i can play the game. Unfortunately, it should be played in a multiplayer mode, so i can't play it myself, since i am not connected to any LAN. The game is very easy to setup. Just run the nexuiz-linux-x86-glx or nexuiz-linux-x86-sdl and off you go... It has a version for 64bit version also. For Windows, just run the nexuiz.exe and you will play the same game :)

The game was provided as a bonus for PC World August 2005 Edition. It's full version, so you can play it anytime you like and start shooting the enemy.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Yesterday i saw a movie on tv with a title "Bait". I was happy to see the movie, because i think the movie was technology-related and yes it did (but not very detail). The movie was talking about a computer cracker who was betrayed by his friend because he kill two officers when they robbed the gold preserve. He trace his friend's place, but he couldn't find him, since he already dead by a heart attack. Now he was chassing a person who has the clue where the gold was hidden. This person was being set up as a bait for the cracker by implementing a small sensor in his mouth that sends signals to the satellite where government hackers could track him. It was a great movies, but it's not as interesting with the Takedown. Unfortunately i haven't see it :(

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Master Program

Right now, i'm starting to search for information about Master Degree Program for my next plan on my study. I have been talking to my lectures to get more information about the university that will suit me. Let's hope that in the next week, everything has been finished, and i should get the answer.

Friday, August 05, 2005

CS Course List

Do you need a free online courses? If you do, you can visit Computer Science Course List which listed many basic course. The collection was developed through a U.S. National Science Foundation Education Infrastructure Project in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech. It can also be used to be your inspiration while searching for an idea for your final project.

Thursday, August 04, 2005 2.0 Build 1.9.122 2.0 build 1.9.122 has been released by the OOo development team. It has fixed an installation problem found at the previous version. I have tested in both my laptop and my desktop using Windows XP SP2 and Slackware 10.1. It was great and worked perfectly. I suggest that people who had problems with 1.9.118, should upgrade to this version, since it is the most less buggy version of the next OOo 2.0. You can also view the changes between 1.9.119 and 1.9.122 in their Release Notes.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Photo Albums

New photo collection has been added to our mailing list's website, which can be accessed via YahooGroups!. Unfortunately, you may have to join to our mailing list first before you can view the photos. Thanks to Mr. Iip Umar Rifai for uploading the files.

PS: I'm wearing blue t-shirt and a white jacket

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Need Help with Interoperability?

If you are a web developer and you are having problems with interoperability problems, mainly cross browser code, perhaps you can view Doron's article about Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla. He is IBM's Software Engineer Staff and he has worked for Mozilla Project for over five years. This article will mainly discuss about IE and Mozilla, so Opera users will have to try the code used in this article by themselves, but i don't think that as a big obstacles.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Mozilla 1.7.11

Mozilla has just launched another update for their Mozilla Application Suite. It was a quick release, since the previous version, 1.7.10 has just been released last week. I am just hoping that Firefox 1.1 will be released as soon as possible, since it's a nightmare to download all packages, even though we only need some small patches, especially for Linux packages, which is usually bigger than Windows's packages.