Monday, August 08, 2005


I was trying to play Nexuiz, a multiplatform game that was based on Quake Engine. First, i tried this at my Slackware desktop and it was very slow. I realized this because i haven't installed the NVidia driver, so yesterday i booted into text mode and install kernel-source package and the NVidia driver. There was a problem though, which was the miscalculation of the font size. I read the xorg.conf's manual and also the NVidia README (it's a good idea to download the README files), and i added a new field, DisplaySize and entered 260 370 for the value and voilaaaaa...... it was the fix i'm looking for.

Now, i can play the game. Unfortunately, it should be played in a multiplayer mode, so i can't play it myself, since i am not connected to any LAN. The game is very easy to setup. Just run the nexuiz-linux-x86-glx or nexuiz-linux-x86-sdl and off you go... It has a version for 64bit version also. For Windows, just run the nexuiz.exe and you will play the same game :)

The game was provided as a bonus for PC World August 2005 Edition. It's full version, so you can play it anytime you like and start shooting the enemy.

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