Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kevin in Action

Finally i managed to get the Kevin Mitnick's true story by borrowing the movie that was made based on his true story, Takedown. I know it's an old movie, but it's very hard to search for this movie, and at last i can get it after five years of his freedom day in 2000. Unfortunately, the CD was not in the perfect condition, so some parts are skipping and that's when he cracked his chasser's computer and delete his home directory (yes, it was Linux/Unix's platform). He was trully brilliant and has a high sense of curiosity, like the Nokitel and the SAS technology. He managed to get them both in less than one week by combining Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering, a bunch of Expresso, and also run and hide action. For those who haven't seen this film and you are interested how a hacker/cracker works, you should add this movie to your must-have list.

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