Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dim Sum

I just had a nice and fun dinner with some of G7 members that remains here in Jogja (some already left to Kudus and Jakarta few days ago) in Quality Hotel. Although one of our member came so late, but it was still a fun session with the rest of the team.

Thank you guys for the great dinner and hopefully you enjoy it. Thanks for all the support for our 10th anniversary tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a great day for both of us thumbs up

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean City Hunter

You might have read City Hunter, one of the most well-known Japanese manga that talks about a detective whose name is Ryo Saeba that hunts down for criminals with his perverted acts. Although he's a perverted guy, he really is a skilfull detective.

Korea has a nice KDrama called City Hunter as well, and i think it has some similarities with the original Japanese version. The main actor (Lee Min Ho) is characterized as a player as well, even though he did that only to create an alibi or to prevent Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) to like him since it would endanger her if she likes him. It's currently airing and it's up to episode 10 (11 and 12 will be out this week) and they have a total of 20 episodes, so it's half way.

I found it very interesting drama, since i usually watch a romance/comedy drama, but this time, it's more likely a romance/action combination. Let's just hope it ends with a good happy ending Goodluck

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VirtualBox Update

Oracle has released a maintenance update for their VirtualBox product. The latest version is now 4.0.10 and it fixes quite a lot of bugs, like:
  • GNOME 3 fixes on Mac OS Lion
  • VT-x detection on Linux 3.0 based hosts
  • Updated rdesktop-vrdp to 1.7.0
  • Several problems with storage and USBs
  • Many more
See the ChangeLog for detailed changes on this release.

I have upgraded all of my machine to this version, including two of my virtual machines

Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Customer

Today, me and my fiancee went to Amplaz to meet up with my remaining G7 members (some have came back to their office in Jakarta and in Kudus) to have dinner together. I came first as they still had their party at Papindo while i'm done with my errants, so i head there first.

We gathered in KFC and start ordering some food and had a chat. We talked quite a lot and realize that we were the last customer at that time and when we decided to leave, all of the stores were already closed and no one left besides those who still counted for the money and did the clean up before they closed their store.

It's the second time we became the last customer after last night we became the last customer in Food Fezt lmao

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LulzSec Disbanded

The famous LulzSec group has been disbanded after they announced it officially in PasteBin and also in Twitter. They also released a link to a torrent file hosted at ThePirateBay that includes lots of usernames and passwords and also other private data that they gathered during the last fifty days of their operation.

So far, they have attacked Sony, NATO E-Bookshop, Nintendo, Fox, and many other government agencies, including CIA and US Senate, Arizona police and the UK's Serious Organised Crimes Agency (SOCA).

Although they disbanded the group, it doesn't mean that other attacks will stop. Everyone should be aware of other attack in the future. Don't loose your security perimeter. You should tighten your system to prevent attacker crack into your system.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been a while since i got home late at night, but today is an exception. Today, all of G7 members gathered in Papindo at last. We had an old tradition of gathered here together with the rest of the crews and had a chat while eating corns. It's been some time since all of us gathered here, so today we went there again and have some fun together.

Next, we went to Food Fezt restaurant where we had dinner and one of the most fun time for us today, playing UNO lmao. We played so long and we finally ended our game at the time the restaurant was closed, so it's really a close call before we were asked to leave the restaurant. We laughed a lot. Unfortunately, not all of the ladies could join us, but we are planning to play again tomorrow at Kaliurang. Hopefully most of the ladies can come and join the party in Kaliurang Yahoo

Friday, June 24, 2011

Andre & Cynthia's Wedding

Today, one of my best friend, Andre Lokasari got married with his fiancee (now has become his wife) and i'm honored to be one of his bestmen. The other bestmen was also our best friend, Jongky. The three of us are part of our team called G7 and we were founded around 1999 and it lasts until today (we do hope that it will last forever)

Andre is the first of us who got married and i will soon follow in September, followed by Jongky on October and Yohan next year (i still don't know the exact time yet). It's a great time to have our team reunited all again in Jogja, since it's very hard to find a perfect time to gather, since Andre is living in US, while Yohan is studying in Germany. They lived in the opposite side of the world while Andy is in Jakarta and Joko is in Kudus. So as you can see, we both lived separately. Only me, Jongky, and Mark which still lives in Jogja.

I have just attended their wedding party at Banyumili and have fun together with the rest of the team. In the past, we don't bring our girlfriend, but now, most of us have brought our girlfriend or fiancee. Looks like our next meeting will be held when our son/daughter are born Sky

Anyways, congratulations to Andre and Cynthia for their perfect wedding. I personally enjoyed it very much and i believe the others were too. Best wishes for both of you and your new family thumbs up

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Start Early, Plan Early

It's still about two to three months before new semester started in August, but i should get started preparing the materials and mostly the assignments since i will be quite busy at August and September, so it would be wiser to start working on the material early and i can leave without no worries later on.

I will be teaching Computer Security, Software Engineering, Advanced Software Engineering, and Project Management for next semester Yahoo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PHP 5.3.7 RC1 Released

After three months since the last PHP 5.3.6 release on March, finally PHP developer team decided to release another RC1 for the next PHP 5.3.7 release which is expected to be released in July/August (depends on the quality of testing phase for RC releases).

You can help the PHP team by downloading the latest RC on their download page and see if it breaks your code or not (hopefully not). See the HowTo if you are new on this role 8-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Firefox 5 Released

It doesn't take long for Mozilla to release Firefox 5. I think this is one of the smoothest release for Firefox so far, even though they give a lot of efforts to release this. You can see how hard their effort was by just looking at the features that they have implemented for Firefox 5. They have CSS Animations, Do Not Track Header, Improved Canvas, JavaScript, memory and networking performance as well as standards support such as HTML 5, CSS, XHR, SMIL, MathML, Canvas, and many more.

Actually, the final release has been released few days ago, since i have been using it and so far, the only complaint was that Echofon is not yet compatible with this release, but it's just a matter of time until Echofon updated their product to make it works with Firefox 5. Based on my personal opinion, so far Firefox 5 has done a great job of reducing the memory hoggs, but they still need to do more work if they want to be able to beat Google Chrome. Chrome is still the most lightweight browser on my machine (Slackware Linux).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Change Your Password

We have seen how LulzSec got lots lots of email accounts and their password by hacking several websites and they even published it to the public on this page. This is not a joke. Those are real accounts and if you think your account is one of them, CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

DoudouLinux Gondwana: Linux for Children

A new Linux distribution has been released called DoudouLinux. They have just released their first 1.0 release Congratulations Yahoo

The first major release is called Gondwana . It might sound strange, but this is a very spesific-purpose Linux distribution. This distribution is targeting children from 2 to 12 years old and gives them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console. Kids can learn, discover and have fun without dad and mum always watching!"

They provide ISO file and ready to be burnt in CDs or USB flash drive and it has officially supporting 15 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish and Ukrainian.

What applications are included on this release? I can say it's quite interesting for kids, but for this major release, they add some new apps and they are:
They also incorporate a lot of bug fixes and a nice boot splash screen like the one below

Saturday, June 18, 2011

LibreOffice 3.3.3 Final

LibreOffice 3.4.0 has been released about two weeks ago, but it was intended for power user and contributors. It's not yet encouraged for enterprise or corporate users and it will be likely so when 3.4.1 is out in the future. At that time, all LibreOffice 3.3.2 users has no update at all, but that has changed as of yesterday, as LibreOffice 3.3.3, the third release for 3.3.x series has been released by the developer team.

If you look at the Release Note, there's nothing interesting there, but actually there's a lot of bug fixes on this release. They continue to fix all problems that has been reported since the release of LibreOffice 3.3.2, while backporting all bug fixes from Oracle's 3.3.0 series.

For list of features in LibreOffice 3.3.x series, please have a look on this page.

If you are interested on testing the new LibreOffice 3.4.0, you can check the list of features here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

WordPress Security Scanner

Wordpress users should think about their system's security more carefully. It's not only because Wordpress is getting a lot of attacks lately, but also due to the introduction of Wordpress Security Scanner (WPScan) which is developed by Ryan Dewhurstand hosted at Google Code.

WPScan is a black box WordPress Security Scanner written in Ruby which attempts to find known security weaknesses within WordPress installations. Its intended use it to be for security professionals or WordPress administrators to asses the security posture of their WordPress installations. The code base is Open Source and licensed under the GPLv3.

Features include:

  • Username enumeration (from ?author)
  • Weak password cracking (multithreaded)
  • Version enumeration (from generator meta tag)
  • Vulnerability enumeration (based on version)
  • Plugin enumeration (todo)
  • Plugin vulnerability enumeration (based on version) (todo)
  • Other miscellaneous checks

Thursday, June 16, 2011

CSS Lint

For developers, writing a good CSS is so much fun, but sometimes it could be a nightmare when something goes wrong with it, especially when you are a strict-type developers. Thanks to W3C, they offered a CSS validator for developers to test their code.

Another tool that developers can use for validating CSS code is CSS Lint which is also available on GitHub if you are interested. Basically it provides the similar service as W3C does, but it also gives you more information about the error/warnings that are produced, so you have a hint what to do in order to fix it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apache Traffic Server v3.0.0 Released

After about a year of development, finally Apache Traffic Server v3.0.0 is released by Apache Software Foundation. This version has received lots of improvements and has been benchmarked in real time production servers so that it's quality are proven. Most of Yahoo! servers are using this product to serve their terrabytes of data.

FYI, Apache Traffic Server is a Cloud Computing "edge" service, able to handle requests in and out of the Cloud, both by serving static content (images, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files), and routing requests for dynamic content to a Web server (such as the Apache HTTP Server). It's a fast, scalable, and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server designed to improve:

- Caching: improves response time while reducing server load and bandwidth needs by caching and reusing frequently-requested Web pages, images, and Web service calls;
- Proxying: easily add keep-alive, filter or anonymize content requests, or add load balancing by adding a proxy layer;
- Speed: scales well on modern SMP hardware, handling tens of thousands of requests per second;
- Extensibility: APIs allow for customized plug-ins, from modifying headers and content to implementing new protocol handlers;
- Reliability: successfully handles hundreds of terrabytes of data, both as forward and reverse proxies

Here are the new features based on the Release Note:
- Full 64-bit support;
- Client side IPv6 support;
- WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol);
- Clustering is functional and supported (many benefits include an efficient distributed cache);
- Major plug-in API improvements, making the APIs more feature rich and easier to use;
- Support for many platforms, including OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD (Linux, of course, was always supported);
- New improved RAM cache algorithms, for better performance and memory utilization
- Many configurations are now configurable per transaction (or per mapping rule)
- Many improvements in statistics and management APIs;
- Multiple accept threads, and a dedicated DNS thread:
- Build environment is now much more flexible, and package owner friendly;
- Many, many bug fixes for improved stability and functionality.

Performance improvements
- Overall throughput is 2-3x improved over v2.0 (depending on the traffic patterns)
- Response latency is up to 5x better than v2.0
- Benchmark: Serving small objects out of RAM cache, a high end server has showed over 220,000 requests / second
- Benchmark: Serving small objects that are not cacheable, the same high end server could proxy 100,000 requests / second
(NOTE: all benchmarks are on local network, with keep-alive)

As with other Apache software, it's open source and released under the Apache License v2.0. You can grab the latest source code along with the documentation and other resources at

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Linux NVidia Driver

NVidia has been working on a new driver for some time and they even release several Beta release, but now it has been unveiled to public that a new stable version is out. Please welcome 275.09.07. It brings a lot of bug fixes along with new extensions. Here are the highlights:
  • Fixed a bug that caused desktop corruption in GNOME 3 after a VT-switch or suspend/resume cycle.
  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    GeForce GTX 560
    GeForce GT 545
    GeForce GTX 560M
    GeForce 410M
    GeForce 320M
    GeForce 315M
    Quadro 5010M
    Quadro 3000M
    Quadro 4000M
  • Fixed a bug that caused freezes and crashes when resizing windows in KDE 4 with desktop effects enabled using X.Org X server version 1.10 or later.
  • Modified the X driver to request that hardware inform the audio driver whenever a display is disabled. This will allow the audio driver to generate the appropriate jack unplug events to applications.
  • Added support for the GL_EXT_x11_sync_object extension. See the extension specification in the OpenGL registry here: for more details.
  • Improved performance of window resize operations in KDE 4 on systems with slow CPUs.
  • Added support for hardware button based pairing to NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro. Single click button on the hub to enter into a pairing mode which pairs one pair of glasses at a time. Double click the same button on the hub to enter into a pairing mode which pairs multiple pairs of glasses at a time.
  • Added unofficial GLX protocol support (i.e., for GLX indirect rendering) for the following OpenGL extensions:
  • Added GLX protocol support (i.e., for GLX indirect rendering) for the following OpenGL extension:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the pop-out and external DVI displays to go blank on Lenovo ThinkPad W701 laptops.
  • Fixed a bug that caused corruption on the menus in when the screen is rotated.
  • Improved performance of certain memory allocations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Java2D widgets to disappear when Java is configured to render using FBOs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nvidia-settings to crash while saving the X configuration file on some Linux distributions.
  • Added a new X configuration option "BaseMosaic" which can be used to extend a single X screen transparently across all of the available display outputs on each GPU. See "Appendix B. X Config Options" in the README for more information.

Monday, June 13, 2011

EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite

So far, GCC is the best and well-known compiler in open source world. It's domination can't be beaten by many of it's rivals, even though lots of efforts has ben worked on to beat GCC. One of the reason is that because it's very mature and it has a great track of record in the past, for both backward compatibility and also stability.

But that doesn't mean that GCC is the best compiler for performance purpose, as PathScale is said to announce that they will make their product EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite as an open source program.

For those who doesn't know about EKOPatch 4 Compiler Suite, here's some hint taken from their official web when they release version 4 last January:
KOPath 4 is a major revision of the leading compiler suite for high performance computing.

PathScale Inc, developer of innovative software and hardware solutions to accelerate the performance and efficiency of Linux® clusters, is now shipping EKOPath 4 for C, C++, and Fortran (77/90/95/2003.). This new version is available immediately at no additional cost to customers with a current support entitlement. A 15-day free trial version is available to qualified new customers by sending a request to "The PathScale EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite completely replaces our C++ stack from the ground up," explained Fred Chow Chief Scientist of PathScale. "Developers writing C++ applications will realize immediate performance benefits by switching over to EKOPath 4. Amongst other things, this new release shows we take C++ seriously as more HPC applications migrate to C++."

The new version of the EKOPath Compiler Suite introduces several key functional enhancements including a completely new C++ STL, C++ runtime, exception handling, faster compile times and native 64bit packages. In addition, PathScale EKOPath compilers now support the Intel Nehalem architecture. This enables programmers to standardize on a single compiler suite for AMD64 and Intel 64 computing applications. The PathScale EKOPath suite now includes an advanced assembler PathAS. Maintained and developed by PathScale, this enables the assembler to be more tightly coupled with the rest of the tool chain.

In real-world application testing performed by beta users, EKOPath 4 continues to excel in robustness and extend its performance lead over alternative compiler products. This makes PathScale the clear choice for compiling 64-bit Linux applications and delivering maximum performance.
Phoronix has been working on benchmarks using the open source EKOPath 4 Compiler codename dirndl and post it on their website. As you can see, the results are magificent. They outscored GCC in most aspect of benchmarking, making it more suitable for performance purposes.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Army of Darkness Defense HD

This weekend, i had a chance to play Army of Darkness Defense HD, another great game from BackFlip Studios, which has published several other great games, like PaperToss HD and NinJump HD. This game is more likely a strategy game and unlike the other game i have ever played, it's not boring as the pressure keeps getting higher and higher.

I bet you will like it too when you have played it on your iOS devices (i played it on my iPad). OK, it's time to beat level 35. I'm stuck at this level for now Teaser

Update (13 June 2011): I have completed this game Yahoo

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Testing IMAP

Today, i upgraded my KDE installation to the latest version, KDE SC 4.6.4. This version also brings a new KDEPIM package along with Kontact which is now based on Akonadi framework. I used KMail a lot in the past to manage my email, so i decided to try this new package.

After upgrading, i tested the new KMail by registering my account to KMail and it instantly checked my email using IMAP protocol. So far so good. The problem came when i started to read the messages. Sometimes, it's not really synced properly, so even if i deleted the message, it's still there, or sometimes it displays the wrong message for me. KMail also support OpenPGP/S-MIME by default, so no addon is required to have signing/encryption feature enabled.

Next, i tried Thunderbird to do the same thing. It actually gives better performance over KMail, but it does require an addon (enigmail) to work with OpenPGP/S-MIME. Spam detection are included in KMail, but we must install AdBlockPlus for Thunderbird, but so far, i'm quite satisfied with it, so not a big problem for me.

At last, i decided to stay with web-based interface, meaning i abandoned all those two applications, since my email has lots lots of email and it would be problematic for me to sync all of them. So far, i managed to reduced a lot of my email by deleting the old and unused threads on my inbox, but still there are 2 GBs of email which is still considered important for now and i don't want to delete them. Syncing 2 GB is not a good option if you have slow Internet connection.

So, probably i will leave IMAP for now, until i have much better Internet connection daydreaming

Best Marriage Proposal Ever

I have seen a lot of marriage proposal on YouTube, but thanks to my ex-student who shared the link on Facebook, i must say, this is probably the best one ever. Check it out

Friday, June 10, 2011

Binary Auditing Training Material

For those who's interested in binary auditing, you can check BinaryAuditing's website for a free material about Binary Auditing, full with a free IDA Pro tool. These material are suitable for university lectures who learns and work with binary auditing. This can also be useful for researchers working on this subject.

Inside the website there's a password-protected zip package that includes a lot of materials such
  • HLL Mapping
  • Manual Decompilation
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Crash Auditing 10
  • File Understanding
  • Copy Protection Auditing
  • Unpacking
  • Vulnerability Auditing
  • Malware Auditing
Also included in the zip package is IDA Pro tool which is very famous in binary auditing process and it's given for free.

I hope you can take an advantage of this offering.

Thanks to BinaryAuditing for giving this materials Applause

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Google Chrome Reaches 12

In Google Chrome Release Blog, Jason Kersey of Google Chrome team officially announced the availability of Google Chrome 12 into stable channel, which means that users will have an update when they opened the about dialog in Chrome.

The latest stable version of Chrome is now 12.0.742.91 and it includes a number of new features and updates, including:
  • Hardware accelerated 3D CSS
  • New Safe Browsing protection against downloading malicious files
  • Ability to delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome
  • Launch Apps by name from the Omnibox
  • Integrated Sync into new settings pages
  • Improved screen reader support
  • New warning when hitting Command-Q on Mac
  • Removal of Google Gears
There's also a bunch of security fixes which are described on the blog post. They keep doing the incremental updates scheme and so far, they are doing it properly by release it often, mostly when dealing with security updates. I only wished for a delta updates in the future, so users doesn't have to download the full package, but only the delta (differences) between two versions. Mozilla Firefox has done this and Apple also have delta updates for their system and it has been officially announced in the WWDC 2011. Why can't Google do the same for their products? daydreaming

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

WWDC 2011 and Apple Innovations

Today, i watched WWDC 2011 keynote by Steve Jobs and other Apple top managements, thanks to my colleague Yuan Lukito who gave me the link to download the podcast. The original event was held few days ago and i couldn't watch it online due to lack of bandwidth crying

I was amazed on how Apple innovate small things, but it can make people wanted to try the new products by Apple, such as Mac OS X Lion, new iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and of course, iCloud, the new service by Apple. Everything they do are based on problems spotted by their engineers or a request by their loyal users and at the end, they provide a nice and elegant solution for their end users. I really love how they work to please their users everytime they show any new features.

I'm really curious about the new iMessage that will head to head with BBM from RIM. I think this will be a big blow by Apple to aim directly to RIM and BlackBerry. One advantage of iMessage is that it should work on all iOS devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

I wish i had all those Apple products to try Lonely

Pidgin 2.8.0 Released

After months of development, finally Pidgin has released a new major release, 2.8.0. Their last release was three months ago, which is uncommon for an active open source project to have this long delay. Anyway, it's worthed to wait, since it's a new major release and there are a lot of new improvements on voice/video support along with many code cleanups, better NetworkManager interoperability, many updates on multiple plugins, and the last but not least: removal of QQ plugin since it's no longer working and has been unmaintained for some time. More to tell on the ChangeLog

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New KDrama

I just got a new KDrama on my watch list: Lie To Me. This drama was out of my radar, but one of my ex student spotted it and she told me that it is a good one, so i'm following it right now. It's my second YEH KDramas after My Fair Lady. I hope it will be a good one too.

So far, i have completed this dramas in the last two weeks
  • 49 Days
  • King of Snooker
  • Legend of Star Apple
And i'm still following:
  • Lie To Me
  • Drunken to Love You
  • City Hunter

Monday, June 06, 2011

Updating iPad

It's been some time since i updated my father's iPad. After moving to a new room, i have never used my father's iPad again. I just started to look at the front screen and i noticed about six updates are available to download surprise

I just realized it's almost a month since i updated those apps, so it's normal to have that number. Anyway, i'm updating the apps right now. Let's hope all of them will be completed by tomorrow since it's a big updates praying

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Driving Lesson

Today, i accompanied my fiancee for driving lessons. She already took driving course few months ago, so she only need to get used with the driving techniques that she has learned. Since she wasn't ready for driving on the street yet, we went to Mandala Krida stadium where most people go there to learn how to drive since the area was huge and there were a lot of obstacles that were great for getting used to real condition.

She wasn't nervous as before, but she does need more practice before she is ready for live driving Gym

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fake Comments

Recently, there has been a lot of comments coming to this blog, but inside the comments, they put a link to another website. I think this is a new method to get an outside link from other website, probably to increase their page rank as this algorithm will count for every incoming and outgoing links to and from that site.

I'm sorry if i can't approve your comments even though most of the comments are good comments (or else i would mark it as spam lmao)

Friday, June 03, 2011

LibreOffice 3.4.0 Released

The Document Foundation has released a new major version of LibreOffice 3.4.0 that contains a lot of new features and bug fixes.

Most notable features are:
  • Redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog
  • Improve HTML export
  • Tuned Font
  • Color Chart
  • Named range as data source
  • Improved Linux text-rendering
This version is focused on community members and power users, so usage on production environment is not recommended. For corporate usage, it's advisable to use x.x.1 version. If you think you can live with LibreOffice 3.3, you can relax a little bit as this version will not be abandoned in short time. The Document Foundation will maintain it for several months, probably until the end of 2011, which is six months to come.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Creating a Creative Presentation

As a lecturer, i gave a lot of presentations on each of my class and i use LibreOffice (previously as the main tool to deliver the material. I often prepared the material long before the class, but sometimes i prepared it one day before the class started.

In every slide i made, i tried to make it as simple as possible, but still gave the complete information to the audience, since i know that the audience't like too much garbage text in it. They prefer more images on it because a word can visualize a lot of things.

Tonight, i just realize that my method is not 100% correct as there are a lot of improvements i can use after i read Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations and slide:ology : The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations.

If you often give talks to other people, i would recommend that you read both of these books. It's worthed and it might give you a lot of inspiration when creating your next presentations.

Chrome OS Vanilla Nightly

You might have heard about Google Chrome OS right? It was announced in 2009 and in this year's Google I/O conference, Sundar has officially announced that Google ChromeOS (which will be called ChromeBook) will be available by this year and they have a joint cooperation with several vendors to provide you a netbook with Google ChromeBook pre-installed.

If you just curious about ChromeOS, but you don't have a feel of buying the netbook, then you can try the ChromiumOS Vanilla Nightly Build by Hexxeh. They provide you with daily build of ChromiumOS, available for VMWare, VirtualBox, and USB Flash Drive image, so you can install it on your desktop/laptop or you can bring it everywhere on your portable flash drive. It's around 214 MB, so 1 GB of flash drive would be sufficient for the image.

Follow his Twitter account for future updates.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Metasploit Megaprimer

When i attended the seminar in Surabaya, one of the speaker, Amien gave a quiz and the winner would get a Metasploit Megaprimer videos. Unfortunately, i didn't get it because the quiz was about analyzing an attack using Network Miner and Wireshark, but Network Miner was only available on Windows only. At that time, i never thought that it could be run under Wine, so i traced it using Wireshark alone at wits end

After coming back to Jogja, i tried to find what's so special about this videos? confused It seems that Amien was right. It is an interesting video and if you learn about security, this video is a must-watch. It tells you almost all information you need to know about Metasploit, starting from it's history, basic usage, until advanced techniques to use Metasploit. It's very valuable to me as it would be a good example when i wanted to teach CEH class next semester. It can also tell the students how advanced a tool can be and they really need to update and harden their system so that their system can't be compromised by Metasploit which is updated so frequently. It's a race between an exploit being developed in Metasploit and also a patch is being deployed on our system.