Wednesday, June 08, 2011

WWDC 2011 and Apple Innovations

Today, i watched WWDC 2011 keynote by Steve Jobs and other Apple top managements, thanks to my colleague Yuan Lukito who gave me the link to download the podcast. The original event was held few days ago and i couldn't watch it online due to lack of bandwidth crying

I was amazed on how Apple innovate small things, but it can make people wanted to try the new products by Apple, such as Mac OS X Lion, new iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and of course, iCloud, the new service by Apple. Everything they do are based on problems spotted by their engineers or a request by their loyal users and at the end, they provide a nice and elegant solution for their end users. I really love how they work to please their users everytime they show any new features.

I'm really curious about the new iMessage that will head to head with BBM from RIM. I think this will be a big blow by Apple to aim directly to RIM and BlackBerry. One advantage of iMessage is that it should work on all iOS devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

I wish i had all those Apple products to try Lonely

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