Friday, June 24, 2011

Andre & Cynthia's Wedding

Today, one of my best friend, Andre Lokasari got married with his fiancee (now has become his wife) and i'm honored to be one of his bestmen. The other bestmen was also our best friend, Jongky. The three of us are part of our team called G7 and we were founded around 1999 and it lasts until today (we do hope that it will last forever)

Andre is the first of us who got married and i will soon follow in September, followed by Jongky on October and Yohan next year (i still don't know the exact time yet). It's a great time to have our team reunited all again in Jogja, since it's very hard to find a perfect time to gather, since Andre is living in US, while Yohan is studying in Germany. They lived in the opposite side of the world while Andy is in Jakarta and Joko is in Kudus. So as you can see, we both lived separately. Only me, Jongky, and Mark which still lives in Jogja.

I have just attended their wedding party at Banyumili and have fun together with the rest of the team. In the past, we don't bring our girlfriend, but now, most of us have brought our girlfriend or fiancee. Looks like our next meeting will be held when our son/daughter are born Sky

Anyways, congratulations to Andre and Cynthia for their perfect wedding. I personally enjoyed it very much and i believe the others were too. Best wishes for both of you and your new family thumbs up

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