Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean City Hunter

You might have read City Hunter, one of the most well-known Japanese manga that talks about a detective whose name is Ryo Saeba that hunts down for criminals with his perverted acts. Although he's a perverted guy, he really is a skilfull detective.

Korea has a nice KDrama called City Hunter as well, and i think it has some similarities with the original Japanese version. The main actor (Lee Min Ho) is characterized as a player as well, even though he did that only to create an alibi or to prevent Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) to like him since it would endanger her if she likes him. It's currently airing and it's up to episode 10 (11 and 12 will be out this week) and they have a total of 20 episodes, so it's half way.

I found it very interesting drama, since i usually watch a romance/comedy drama, but this time, it's more likely a romance/action combination. Let's just hope it ends with a good happy ending Goodluck