Friday, June 10, 2011

Binary Auditing Training Material

For those who's interested in binary auditing, you can check BinaryAuditing's website for a free material about Binary Auditing, full with a free IDA Pro tool. These material are suitable for university lectures who learns and work with binary auditing. This can also be useful for researchers working on this subject.

Inside the website there's a password-protected zip package that includes a lot of materials such
  • HLL Mapping
  • Manual Decompilation
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Crash Auditing 10
  • File Understanding
  • Copy Protection Auditing
  • Unpacking
  • Vulnerability Auditing
  • Malware Auditing
Also included in the zip package is IDA Pro tool which is very famous in binary auditing process and it's given for free.

I hope you can take an advantage of this offering.

Thanks to BinaryAuditing for giving this materials Applause

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