Friday, June 03, 2011

LibreOffice 3.4.0 Released

The Document Foundation has released a new major version of LibreOffice 3.4.0 that contains a lot of new features and bug fixes.

Most notable features are:
  • Redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog
  • Improve HTML export
  • Tuned Font
  • Color Chart
  • Named range as data source
  • Improved Linux text-rendering
This version is focused on community members and power users, so usage on production environment is not recommended. For corporate usage, it's advisable to use x.x.1 version. If you think you can live with LibreOffice 3.3, you can relax a little bit as this version will not be abandoned in short time. The Document Foundation will maintain it for several months, probably until the end of 2011, which is six months to come.