Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Firefox 5 Released

It doesn't take long for Mozilla to release Firefox 5. I think this is one of the smoothest release for Firefox so far, even though they give a lot of efforts to release this. You can see how hard their effort was by just looking at the features that they have implemented for Firefox 5. They have CSS Animations, Do Not Track Header, Improved Canvas, JavaScript, memory and networking performance as well as standards support such as HTML 5, CSS, XHR, SMIL, MathML, Canvas, and many more.

Actually, the final release has been released few days ago, since i have been using it and so far, the only complaint was that Echofon is not yet compatible with this release, but it's just a matter of time until Echofon updated their product to make it works with Firefox 5. Based on my personal opinion, so far Firefox 5 has done a great job of reducing the memory hoggs, but they still need to do more work if they want to be able to beat Google Chrome. Chrome is still the most lightweight browser on my machine (Slackware Linux).


  1. Are you aware of 'Add-on Compatibility Reporter' : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/?src=api

  2. No, because usually addon needs time to adjust, and it's fine now. Everything is back to normal again :)