Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's been a while since i got home late at night, but today is an exception. Today, all of G7 members gathered in Papindo at last. We had an old tradition of gathered here together with the rest of the crews and had a chat while eating corns. It's been some time since all of us gathered here, so today we went there again and have some fun together.

Next, we went to Food Fezt restaurant where we had dinner and one of the most fun time for us today, playing UNO lmao. We played so long and we finally ended our game at the time the restaurant was closed, so it's really a close call before we were asked to leave the restaurant. We laughed a lot. Unfortunately, not all of the ladies could join us, but we are planning to play again tomorrow at Kaliurang. Hopefully most of the ladies can come and join the party in Kaliurang Yahoo

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