Friday, September 30, 2011

No More Interesting KDramas

Lately, i haven't followed too many KDramas since IMHO, there aren't so many good KDramas like before. The only KDramas i followed is Protect The Boss which has ended as of this morning as the final episode has been broadcasted in South Korea last night. All i need is wait for the translations from DarkSmurfSub fansub group.

As the substitute, i'm collecting several HD quality movies which i would like to watch together with my wife in our new room. I usually watched 720p BluRay rip in the past, but now, i upgraded it to 1080p which has better quality than 720p. Since most of them are in mkv format, the size is not as big as in avi format, so i can save lots of space in my hard drive even though i still have plenty of empty space on it (it has 2 TB in total).

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