Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 7 Released

Finally Mozilla released Firefox 7 with another memory usage improvements. Thanks to the Memshrink project which was worked out from Mozilla engineers, they are able to reduce the memory consumption up to 20-50% in some cases (the situation varies on each cases). This is a big improvements, even though that number came from a benchmark which can't be used to reflect the natural condition that most users had.

I have upgraded my Firefox this morning via automatic update and everything looks snappier. I forgot to update my AdBlockPlus addon, so it was complaining that it wasn't compatible with it. As soon as i update my add-on, it brings the updated version to me and i can update mine.

Firefox 7 also fixed several other problems and implements some new and enhanced features inside (see the Release Notes), so it's the best release you could ever get from Mozilla.

Mozilla also baptized Mozilla Thunderbird which is released just a day after Mozilla Firefox 7 and they are now in sync with each other Yahoo

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