Monday, July 23, 2007

Rest Day

Great, finally i have one day off tomorrow. Today, my students have had their mid test and i have checked them all and upload it to the web so they can see their results. My campus allocate two days for mid test and since my class is the only class in this block (for computer science faculty), i don't have anything to do tomorrow, so i will use it to rest.

Well, it's not really rest day, since i have to prepare for next semester presentations. I will teach several new classes and since i don't have any material yet, so i have to prepare them in advance so it will ease my job in the future (i don't like to be rushed when deadline is near, so i used to have the job done in the beginning and have a nice day at the end). By doing it as soon as possible, i will have some time to review my work before i will use them. Well, let's see tomorrow. I'm looking for a nice day big grin

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