Monday, July 30, 2007

Finished Watching Heroes

Finally i have completed watching Heroes (TV Series) season 1. My students offered me her collection of Heroes after knowing that i like to watch TV Series like Heroes, 24, CSI, Alias, etc. The only question at that time is "Will i have time to watch this?" as i have to prepare lots of materials for the next semester. So i said that i will need a long time to watch, and she said it's OK for her, so i agreed and i borrowed it. I tried to spend some of my spare time to look for it and i managed to watch few of them.

After second block was over, i had some time, so i watched it as fast as i can and managed to get most of the episodes. So when the end of third block is near (tomorrow will be the last class before an exam next day), i had some time again and i managed to watch the rest. Too bad, i can't look all of them from the DVD, since my laptop couldn't read it, so i tried to look for it in the Internet. I found it on Fanpop, the same source i used to watch 24. Their collection is quite complete, so i like it very much. Sometimes, the source is not available anymore, so you will have to wait until other people upload it again or find another source. The hardest part is the last episode. The download process was taking forever, so i couldn't enjoy it very much, but i can see the plot and also the ending.

I can't wait to see the second episode. I"m also waiting for the next season of 24, but it's still long to come (next year). My queue list has decreased. Now i have to watch CSI season 7 and 8 which i bought from Jakarta (i haven't been able to watch it until now).


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Wil, aku dah capek2 beli DVD Heroes season 1, ternyata di TransTV diputaaaar! uh!

  2. hhahahaa
    gak papa, buat koleksi khan bisa

    aku juga pengen nonton seri terakhirnya, soalnya liat di Internet putus2, jadi gak seru hehehe

    bagus kok Heroes