Sunday, July 15, 2007

Connected But Unstable

Today, a guy from Speedy came to my house and tried to fix my problem after they called me at 1 PM. He checked my modem and he saw that the VPI and VCI setting were incorrect, so he delete the account, create a new one with correct setting, and voila.. it connects big grin

But wait.... the problem doesn't end there. When the guy left, i tried to browse some site and start my YM application. So far so good, until it stopped by itself and i couldn't connect anymore. I checked the modem LED and it's became RED again (meaning there's an error). Strange, i didn't do anything at all to change the modem settings, so i tried to delete the account and do the same steps, but i i failed to make it connect again. After several retries, finally i can fix it. But it didn't last for long, since it happened periodically.

At last, i tried to reset all of the modem setting by using a special button in the back of the modem using a pen and wait for about 10 seconds. By using this trick, your modem will lose all of it's settings, so it's kinda bare modem. I tried to setup my account again and it worked again (for now), but i don't know how long it will last this time (this is when i write this post). Hopefully it will be fixed permanently, since it's very annoying to reset the account every few hours just to get connected again at wits end

So i'm so sorry if in the middle of a chat session, i didn't respond for a long time and suddenly my YM quit not worthy

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