Monday, July 09, 2007

API Problem Solved

Finally i had a confirmation that my solution for the previous Incompatible API problem has been verified by the client itself and it's working as expected. Next step will be implementing this on all modules and resend it again to be tested by the clients. Great news that it's solved, since the solution is shorter than the original one, but i guess it's better since i can remove 1 bloated file and change it with a simpler file which works better for multi Windows platform.

In the original solution, it used kernel.dll and user32.dll. I think the problem lies in the code which use the kernel.dll, since kernel in operating system evolve all the time and it may break compatibility. The later only uses user32.dll and fewer Windows API call and i think the implementation is not a big bang change, so it will still be compatible with older version of Windows.

Good news on hearing that....

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