Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Watching HP 5

I had a chance to watch HP 5 tonight, even though the queue was very long this morning. Many people have said that the fifth series will bring a lot of changes, since the director has changed, but still had to be proven first right? I never expected that the queue will be that long, since usually the queue line is very short, even for good movies (and even more, today is not weekend nor monday). But i think it's still better than in Jakarta, where the queue will be a lot longer than in Jogja.

Well, i should prepare myself now and let's go to Amplaz (short name for Ambarrukmo Plaza) to watch HP 5


  1. I saw HP at Plaza Ambarrukmo too. I took the 18.45 screening. What do you think about the movie?

    The final scene was pretty good.

  2. hey, guess what? We are at the same studio. I took the 18.45 also :D

    Well, i think Die Hard 4.0 is still better than this one (and transformer). Perhaps it's because i have read the book or because i watched Die Hard first then followed with Transformer and this one.

    Yes, the final scene does pretty good

  3. I was in seat G3. Where were you?

    I went to bought the ticket at 10.30 (ticketbox opens at 10AM), and the 18.45 screening was half full! I guess the harry potter mantra still has its charm at the box office.

    Haven't seen Die Hard yet, I'm not gaga over the series. I think POTC was pretty good, the complex storyline was very entertaining.

  4. i was at E4-E6
    hm... i bought the ticket at 11 AM and yes, the queue was very full at that time, but i still managed to get the seat for 18.45 :D

  5. hikssss i will watch HP soon....
    i'm afraid that ticket is sold out...
    Jakarta gitu lohhhh

  6. just wait until next week or perhaps 2 weeks in Jakarta until everybody has watched them and you won't have to queue for long time :D