Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Indonesian Online Games

Today i heard from the radio that there's a new online game which is build by Indonesian people, called LILO Games. When i searched the Internet via Google (as usual), i found the correct game name as Li'l Online Community. It's an online 3D simulation game where you can whatever you want to be. In this game, you can express about yourself and do normal activities, such as chatting, hanging out, take a walk, sports, dating, and many more. It's quite promising just by looking at the websites (i didn't download it, since i don't like playing online games).

Next thing is the requirements. It's only playable for Windows platform (as most famous online games do), but i wonder whether it will be playable by using Wine. Of course, it will need time to get it done with Wine as they're busy with other things on their development cycle. So far, Wine has been able to play several online games, which are listed on their AppDB. I wonder if they're going to make this game portable to Linux users big grin

Please remember that this game has patches that would add more features and bug fixes, so keep looking at their release note.