Thursday, July 19, 2007

Curious About 2.3?

Are you curious about OOo 2.3? Well, i do and i got an email from John about a link to Sun's Blog which gives me a brief detail about what will be there in next major release of OOo 2.3. For full feature list, please see OOo's Wiki. Hey, it's not a complete list for now, but basically it contains the major components and it's already feature freeze, so i don't think there will be another features being added unless it's really really really important (which i doubt there is one).

This version will fix several problem occured in previous OOo, and also some security improvements, by raising the Macro Security Default Level will change to High – see 79170. This will increase overall security and hoping that case like BadBunny macro will not happen again in the future (actually it's not a self-spreading worms, as it need user interference to start executing the macros, so unless you really trust the sender, don't any document who had macro on it).

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