Sunday, July 01, 2007

Over 5000 Members

Yesterday, Indonesian Linux Forum has surpassed more than 5000 registered users (5003 currently at the time i post this). While this number is considered very small compared to other forum (mostly for international forum, for example LinuxQuestions that had 301885 members so far) i'm still quite happy with this statistics, since almost 99% of the members were Indonesian people, not like the other forums whose members came from many countries around the world. Here are some statistics of Indonesian Linux Forum which i got from the admin panel:
Number of posts: 53708
Posts per day: 49.47
Number of topics: 9023
Topics per day: 8.31
Number of users: 5003
Users per day: 4.61
Board started: Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:09 pm
Database size: 81.06 MB

So it tooks about three years to get 5000 users. But how well are we so we could get 10000 users in the next few years? What's your prediction about this? I'd say that it would take less than three years to surpassed 10000 users, since Linux is now has become more mature and easy to use, so it's getting more suitable for desktop users, not only for servers. Other reason is that there has been a lot of sweaping around, mostly for Internet Cafe and big companies who used illegal version of Windows. Most of them have decided to migrate to Open Source solution and Linux is their choices. When they need help and place to discuss, a mailing list or forum is required, so Indonesian Linux Forum is one of those places to share and discuss about Linux and Open Source applications.

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