Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reckless Driver

Today, when i went back from my campus, i saw a reckless bus driver that pass through an intersection without slowing down at all and he was driving for about 50-60 Km/hour. It happened near central Gramedia building on Sudirman Street (on the way to UGM if you go straight. Here's the location taken from Wikimapia). I was going home via Sabirin street so i had to cross the street since i came from the other side. From some distance i saw a bus and when i wanted to cross the street, i didn't see any intention from the driver to slow down, so i hit the break and i stopped or the bus will struck me and also some other people who were trying to cross the street also. That's not how it supposed to be angry He should be responsible for passenger's safety and also other people also.

Other thing i hate about bus is when they stopped when there's no bus stop sign. They stopped at random places to pick up or drop passengers. Sometimes, they don't even give a signal and they just switch side and stopped. This is very dangerous and unfortunately, it don't just happened in Jogja, but i guess in every cities in Indonesia.

Busway? Yes, they do have their terminal, but some of the drivers were also reckless and i have seen some reports of this also. It's a big homework for the transportation ministry to solve this problems, after UE has forbid Indonesian airways to fly to Europe and several other accidents that happened in the past.

Update (8 July 2007 7:34 AM): It seems that Blogger missed this post and didn't update their atom feed, so i had to "touch" it again winking

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