Saturday, July 28, 2007


Finally i had a chance to try on Virtualization. I have been interested on installing an operating system on top of other operating system and it will be done by using virtualization. Since my laptop is out of space to do that, i will have to do it on my desktop. So i started to download VMWare products and give it a try. I was confused at the beginning, as there are several products for virtualization area (Player, Converter, Server). My colleague told me that he had used Player in his laptop and it worked, so i tried to download this application first. I installed on my XP machine and i tried, but it seems that this application should be used when i already have a virtual machine, so i guess it's not the right application for me.

Next, i tried the server and still confused. So i tried to load VMWare Server Console and look for something there and hey... i found what i need. I should create a virtual machine there and prepare everything before i install a guest operating system (i'm trying to install Ubuntu Linux on my system, because i need it for my work). I set 3 GB for it and luckily it's sufficient (it consumes about 2,3 GB for the installation, and ended up with 700MB of free space). Since i have 512 MB of RAM, it's recommended to have 256 MB or RAM for the guest (don't forget about your host machine) and maximum of 284, so i choose 284 MB for it.

Next step is installing Ubuntu. At the beginning, it won't install, as it couldn't find any bootable CD or image on floppy. That's strange, as i have inserted my Ubuntu CD (which i downloaded this morning) and it's already bootable. So i tried to change the parameter to reference my CDROM to the ISO directly and yes, it will work big grin

Installation process runs as usual, and after that, i can have my Ubuntu Linux on top of my XP machine (even though it's quite slow since i only allocate 284 MB for it. The ideal memory is 512 MB or above). It's running well, except for the soundcard which isn't detected (i'm using onboard card), but it's not a big deal, so i just leave it like that. What's nice is that it can connect to the Internet directly via my physic ethernet card, since i set it to use direct NAT.

Virtual Feisty By VMWare


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Player should work fine - I recommend using to create your VM


  2. yes, it should be working, but after i have VM, because it's like a loader :D

  3. Thank you John for the information about easyvmx. It does very easy to use and all you have to is fill the form provided and it will make a virtual machine configuration for you. I also recommend this to others who would like to build a virtual machine

  4. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Have you try virtualbox ?? it's similiar to vmware also.

  5. Not yet, but some of my friend have suggested the same thing last night. I don't know when will i try that