Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meta data on HP Leakers

From Wikipedia, a meta data can be defined as:
data about data - more specifically information (data) about a particular content (data)
So what this meta data relates to HP Leakers? Well, if you have read news from some news site, such as PCWorld, you will probably already know that the last book of Harry Potter has leaked to the Internet via BitTorrent. I have seen the entry on some public Torrent site. The torrent was published just days before the official book is published that will happen on 21 July 2007 (that's 2 day from the day i post this blog).

There are two version of this leaked file. The first one is a written text and the second of consist of poor JPEG images. The first one is more readable since it's already in form of text and all you have to do is just print it, but the second one is more interesting, since it's being photographed by someone and unfortunately, they forgot to remove the meta data included in their photos, so it's still attached on it. As you can see, meta data on a picture sometimes consist of informations about the camera being used (or be more specific, unique serial number attached on every digital camera) or when the pictures are being taken. By tracking this serial number, it can be identified, who owned the camera and the authorities can take charges against these people.

I don't know whether JK Rowling will file a charge on this people or not, since i don't think it will affect the sale of the last book of Harry Potter. People still rather buy the original book as it's more comfortable to read and if you are a collector, you might want a real book than a PDF file.

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