Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Entertainment

As you know, Jogja now has four mall (Malioboro, Galeria, Saphir, and Ambarrukmo). The last two mall were build in the last two years. I remember when i was a child, i was very proud with Malioboro mall and i enjoyed very much when i had time to go there. Next was Galeria mall. At this mall, Fantasia and Time Zone was available for the first time in Jogja, most youngsters came to this place instead of Malioboro Mall, since they could play and have more fun at this place. One thing that surprised me, Malioboro mall still exists, even though the visitors was dramatically reduced after Galeria mall was opened.

Next is Ambarrukmo and Saphir. This two malls were located near Galeria and their opening date was also not to far different. When they were opened for the first time, people choose to go to this mall instead of Galeria, so there has been a migration again. When an earthquake struck Jogja last year, both of this mall were suffered from cracks, but Saphir had the most damage. Amarrukmo only took several weeks to recover, while Saphir need longer time, since they had to fix most of the buildings.

One year has passed and both of this two mall are going more advanced. Amarrukmo has provide a movie theater again for Jogja (there was an Empire 21, but it was burnt to ashes) and Saphir is planning to build an entertainment center on their second floor. Right now they are holding an International Snow which will be held until next month and in the future, they will build several entertainment center, such as Ice Skating, Bowling Pool, and Billiard. I think this is great news and people will have more choices when they come to Jogja in the future.

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