Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Bad Habit Of Mine

I think most of people who had mobile phone/cell phone wouldn't leave them behind when they are going somewhere right? Nowadays, people is used to have cell phones as it's more efficient for communications means as it's portable and the cost is getting cheaper and cheaper (not only the rate, but also the cell phone itself as new products comes in all the time). This time i will talk about one of my bad habit related to cell phones.

When i go somewhere, i usually set my profile to silent which will not ring when a SMS message came in or somebody phoned me. Instead of ringing, i set the phone to vibrate so i will know if there's a SMS/call (you can indicate them by how long the vibrate happened. Usually a SMS will only last for two times, while phone call will occur as long as the caller didn't hung up the phone). Why would i choose this settings? Because in some places, people don't like when there's a ringing tone, for example when you are in a movie theater, church, library, etc. Well, so far so good right? Setting silence profile is not a bad habit of course, but what happened after i got home is the bad habit.

Most of the time i never switched my profile back to the general or "ringing" profile, so sometimes i missed a call from somebody just because i didn't notice that somebody has called me. It just happened. My colleague sent me a SMS message while i was watching a movie at home and i didn't notice it for about 2 hours, since probably i wasn't at the room when the phone vibrate and when i started to watch the movie, it already stopped.

It appears that it's not a big deal, but sometimes, you do have to switch your ringing tone setting to on, since you never know what will happen in the future if you forgot to ring it and you missed a call from someone who is important or an important information should be told to you but you aren't there just because the phone didn't ring. I think i should make a shortcut which will ease me to switch profiles on my cell phones.


  1. Willy to.. udah biasa.. Don't be shocked :D hahaha Kidding..
    what happen if it's a important call from somebody? just make it no silent.. if you in your home :D

  2. that's what i mean :D
    i'm starting to change that habit

  3. Anonymous11:25 PM

    ada loh hp yang profilenya pake timer, so kalo lu lg ga pengen diganggu selama beberapa jam tp kemudian jam berikutnya lu udh ngerasa lebih tinggal ngeset berapa lama wktnya pengen silent dan stlh itu akan otomatis balik lg keprofile general. jd lu ga bkl terlalu telat menerima info pentingnya..