Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogger in Indonesian

Whoaa.... Blogger is now available on Indonesian Language (and also a lot of other languages). The language option will be displayed on the dashboard page (after you logged in). Not every strings have been translated to Indonesian language and some are funny to read, since i'm used to with English words. Some string is still inconsistence. For example, the Preview has been translated into "Pratinjau", but Hide Preview is still being translated as "Sembunyikan Preview". I highlight some of the parts that still needs to be updated in the dashboard page on the screenshots below. The Buzz Blogger information is also not displayed on Indonesian settings (probably it's only displayed on the English language).

It's still a good steps to go to international version of Blogger in the future which supports multi language as much as possible. But, i think i will stick with the English version big grin

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