Sunday, June 03, 2007

Linus, Git, and Kernel Development

I just watched a video from YouTube that presents Linus at Google Talk at their home base and talking about SCM. You can watch the video here (quite long, 73 minutes), but if you are a CVS/SVN users, please be prepare, as Linus REALLY REALLY doesn't like those two products, and insult them quite badly. Well, i found his reason does make sense, but i think that it depends on the situation on the projects and the organization. You should see it for yourself, and start thinking about it.

I got the video after i read this blog.


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    wow... 73 minutes?

    Wait a minutes.. Lemme download it first..

  2. It's streaming, so you need special tool to download it from YouTube. Alternative way is to download the AVI file from

  3. Hurray, long live distributed version control system (DVCS):P

    IMHO, for indonesian people at this time, isn't apropriate if we use DVCS instead of centralized control system, since internet cost still too high for many indonesia people

  4. Agree...
    I hope the cost for International connection will be reduced as time goes on and Indonesia will have better infrastructure for Internet connection