Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great, but No Thanks (For Now)

When i heard the availability of Safari's public beta for Windows platform this morning via RSS, i was very interested. For some time, i wanted to test Safari since many reviews has spotted that Safari is one of the best browsers in the world, due to it's feature and fast rendering engine, but since i don't have Macintosh, i couldn't do it. So when Steve Jobs has announced that the next Safari 3.0 will be on Windows, i was planning to download and test the product ASAP, but since i had an activity this morning, i postponed it until this evening, until i read about a story which makes me reconsider and postponing it a little bit longer.

Slashdot has pointed two people (David Maynor and Thor Larholm) who discovered several bugs on Safari 3.0 beta, hours since it was released. David found 4 DoS bugs and 2 remote execution vulnerabilities, meanwhile Thor found a URL protocol handler command injection vulnerability that allows remote command execution and he wrote it will full description about the bug. If you see David's blog, then you'll notice that there are a lot of comments that said the browser keep crashing for several reasons:
- Crashed on bookmark toolbar
- Keep crashing after showing part of the window
- Crashed after being put behind Microsoft Proxy

I know, this is not the final version and non-final usually does have bugs (no software is 100% clean and safe), but i guess the developer team should have noted this bug before they release it to public (or perhaps because they were forced to work on IPhone and abandon Safari?). Some of the crashes are easy to reproduce, which somehow shouldn't be there.

I agree with carrotmadman6 to wait until the final release appears next October. There will be a lot of homework for Apple developers (releasing IPhone, finalizing Leopard, and fixing Safari 3). I hope the final version will be better, more stable and secure as it promised.

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