Friday, June 08, 2007

Quick Reply

For some time, some members in Linux Forum had asked for quick reply feature so that they can reply quickly without having to open new page and wait another loading time which is sometimes time consuming (for slower connection). It's actually a simple task, as there are a lots of phpBB hacks around and a lot of forum has used them and it's working well so far. One of my concern is compatibility whenever a newer version of phpBB is available, since most of the times, the file will be overwritten by the new version, so the modification has to be repeated again and rechecked for compatibility. Other reason is the amount of theme installed. For every theme, i had to update the files (including the language pack, since currently it's available on English and Indonesian language).

So today i decided to work it out and it's finished less than 20 minutes whew!. Luckily Indonesian forum only has 3 active themes (Jet, SubSilver, and GreenTech), so the amount of work is not that much. The feature is already there and you can start using it right away. I hope every member can have the benefits of this new feature big grin