Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long Disruption

Since 1 PM this afternoon, my Speedy connection was down and came back online just now (about 11:30 PM). The customer service said that there was a cut cable on Pantura, so i was guessing that the access from Jogja to Jakarta would have problem, but i sent a SMS message to my friend in Jakarta and the connection was only down for a few minutes and then it went up again. Strange, so the problem was not global, but only applies to certain areas. I called 147 again at 10:45 PM and he said that Jogja still had a problem and he couldn't predict when will the problem be solved, so i just waited.

At about 11:30, i opened a command prompt and i tried to ping some sites (i usually use GMail or Yahoo Mail site as the reference, as i usually open foreign sites) and it gives me reply, so i assume the connection has been restored. So i opened up my browser, and yes, it's already back to normal again. Hm... that was quite long. It lasted for about 10 hours. Anybody else had the same problem as i did?

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