Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Finally Over

The workshop is now officially over and Dr. Onno W. Purbo has flew back to Jakarta. Tomorrow, the students will have an exam on 10 AM. Today's material was quite extensive, since on one day, he taught how to install and configure (basic configuration) quite complicated application, such as NTOP, MRTG, IPTABLES, SNORT and some easy one, such as Webmin and WireShark (all of them in one full day). Actually, i'm quite surprised with the result, since most of the attendance never tried Linux before (most of them are first year students) but some of them managed to install and configured those applications and have it up and running well applause. Today's topic was about Network Security, so he taught a simple hacking demo, but eventually his laptop was hacked by one of the assistant (he got panicked for a while, since it's his root account whose password was changed) but it's only a joke so nothing serious happened in that event big grin

I got a lot of lessons today, as i usually never dealt with those application, but after i saw the demo, i'm quite interested on those application and i'm trying to try to install those apps on my laptop for testing purposes.