Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Little Update For Safari 3 Beta

Apple has released an updated version of their beta version of Safari 3.0 for Windows platform. The updated version is dubbed as 3.0.1 (522.12.2) Beta (I got this information from Majorgeeks). I think this is Apple's answer to many criticism for their first beta release of Safari 3.0 for Windows platform. I really really hope that this version will be much better, secure, and stable than the previous beta which i think shouldn't be released to public yet. It's too buggy for something which suppose to be very secure (at least that's what the developer said for their campaign).

I haven't changed my decision to wait until the final version comes out, but i'm really happy that Apple does give quick response to bug reports which is already publicized.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Since Google came up with beta-naming everything (even if their product is very reliable like Gmail), people has lost the grasp of what beta really means.

    Safari for Windows is still in beta. That means it might or might not work. It might even kill your computer. The only browser I can see responding to bugs this fast is Firefox, and they're not even a company (well, they just "converted" to one lately, but still...)

  2. In terms of software engineering, beta refers to public testing, but it has passed the alpha testing, which should be quite stable enough to be used and GMail prove that, but i don't think that would be sufficient for Safari. I think it should reside in alpha rather in beta.

    And yes, Safari is still in beta, that's why i prefer to wait until the final version :D