Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Workshop 1st Day

Today is the first of four day Workshop held in Duta Wacana Christian University with Dr. Onno W. Purbo as the speaker. Yesterday, the seminar was held and about 160 people attended the seminar (most of them were the attendance of the workshop that is held today and in the next three days). Today's material is some theory about how to make an antenna and followed with a real time workshop by making an antenna.

After a little bit of theory in the morning with some jokes, the workshop continues with the real work and more funny things happened during this session. People drills, cuts, and plastering the items and for most people, this is their first time doing this (programmers do some drilling hehehe). It's going to be a fun session today :D

Too bad i didn't have the photos yet, since the session is still up and running at the time i wrote this post, so the photographer is still busy taking pictures.