Friday, June 15, 2007


I don't know if this is a regression or not, but after i upgraded to OOo 2.2.1, every time i open a presentation document (.odp) with a Title, Text layout, i always got a black dot on the beginning of each line, even for blank lines. This bug doesn't appear on OOo 2.2.0, so i think this is a regression on OOo 2.2.1. This version fixed my bug report silently (about crashing OOo when i tried to embed Writer OLE object inside Impress) since i couldn't find any notes on the Release Notes, but in the other hand, it also presents a new bug which is quite annoying, since every time you open up a document with that layout, you will have to clean up the dots and it will re-appear again at next startup. I wish somebody has put this on OOo's bug tracker and they will fix it on next OOo 2.2.2 or probably go straight to OOo 2.3 which is scheduled to be released at September 4, according to OOo's Wiki

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