Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Backup Feature

Telkomsel have a new (or it was me who didn't know this until right now) feature called "Telkomsel Pelindung Dataku". I knew about this service when i checked my credit by dialling to *888#. It can be accessed via *989# from any cellphone which use Telkomsel product (i'm using Simpati, but i think it should be available for other product as well, such as Halo and AS).

When you dial this number, you will get a reply:
Selamat datang di layanan Telkomsel Pelindung Dataku:
1. Registrasi Layanan (Rp. 5000/bln)
2. Tentang layanan
3. Keluar
I tried to look for more information about the service, so i send 2 and this is what i got:
Ini adalah layanan Telkomsel Pelindung DataKu. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, kirim HELP ke 989.
9. Kembali ke Menu Utama
angry It's very useless. I don't get any information about this service at all, instead they asked the consumer to send a SMS to 989 to get information. Why don't they write them down from the beginning, so that users can directly send to 989 instead of requesting 2 and got nothing?

So i tried to send the message to 989 and i got 4 replies which gives detailed about how to work with this services (including registration and how to unsubscribe from this service). After reading the messages, i finally knew that this service is intended to save your contact detailed on their server and you can access it on every cellphone as long as you used Telkomsel products. The problem is that you will have to add it one by one and that took some time (and probably some cost to send via SMS). For me personally, i don't think it's quite usefull.