Sunday, June 10, 2007

Contingency Plan

Few days ago, i saw an article in EWeek about a computer failure which was considered the worst flight delays of the year. The failure was in the air traffic control which is a vital components of an airport since it controls the schedule of flights. Without it, then the schedule will be messed up and plane could get crashed while they're trying to arrive or depart. One thing that made me amazes was that as soon as the air traffic control in the Atlanta failed, the backup system which was placed at Utah took control of the main system even though it's quite over loaded as well. My point is that they have a contingency plan to reduce the risk when something bad happened. The previous case was down for about two hours, but it's already considered the worst case of the year. I wonder how long will it need to be considered the worst case in Indonesia?

Indonesian Air Traffic Controllers Association (IATCA) has urged the government and DPR to rush the discussion of the Flight Regulation Plan to realize a single provider air service (detailed information can be seen at Angkasa Pura II). I hope they started to realize that disaster can occur anytime and they should prepare for contingency plan or else there would be a major disaster for Indonesian air transportation.

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