Thursday, June 07, 2007

Removing Viruses

My cousin's computer was infected virus and he called me to fix it. When i came into his room, i saw a prompt from the anti virus program that there were 2 files that were infected by Trojan.Vundo and unable to be repaired (i guess it's because those files were executed at boot, so it couldn't be deleted unless the files are not loaded), so i tried to go to safe mode, but still no luck. I still couldn't delete the files, so finally i grab the installer CD and boot it using CD ROM and went to repair mode. I delete the files from the console manually and reboot the computer again to have it being scanned in normal mode. Interesting, after the full scan was finished, it caught 5 more files that were infected by the same trojan and also some other trojans, but this time the trojan can be easily removed since the files are not loaded and not active. Great, now the computer is clean again and everybody is happy big grin

It's very easy to get infected by virus/trojan in Windows this day. Opening an email from unknown person might get your computer infected, or even worse, just by clicking an ads on the Internet might drop your computer a trojan or even backdoor. Even if you are using Vista (the latest version of Windows operating system which should be more secure , you still had this kind of problems).

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