Monday, November 21, 2005


I've been looking for a CVS equivalent program in Windows environment, since it is very important tools for development process. Well, i just got some short briefing about SourceSafe, which has the same purpose with CVS or SubVersion. It is very usefull when you are developing some mid to big size project with more than 10 developers, since many people will work on many files and they need to syncronize each other. This kind of tool which helps project manager to manage their codes.


  1. kok malah melirik Sourcesafe? Bukannya ntar itu malah bayar Wil?

    Klo aku masih setia pake subversion. aku taruh di FAT partition jadinya gk masalah meskipun aku switch antara Linux ma win XP :)

    Klo diitung-itung, udah setahun aku pake Subversion :)

  2. Yup, it's commercial, but we have bought the developer edition of the Visual Studio and it's included on it, so we used it.

    Another reason is because we use Windows platform and it's quite hard to use CVS Server on Windows, so it's the best tool available on Windows.