Saturday, March 16, 2013

HD Broken and Slax Comes to Rescue

My laptop has finally reached a point where it's HDD are EOL. It's been 8 years since i bought this laptop, so i think it's already time to let it go away. The laptop was still using IDE HDD so it's very hard to find the replacement. Other than the HDD, other parts are still OK. The battery still last for 2.5 hours on Linux which is very good since nowadays laptop couldn't last that long.

So, i finally decided to use SLAX on USB Flash Drive and use it on my laptop. It's working well and since it's so modular, i can add more packages to the flash drive easily using offline method or online method. Thanks to Tomas M for creating such a wonderful Linux distribution that is based on Slackware, so no learning curve on using this distribution.

I can still use my old laptop using Linux :)

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