Sunday, December 01, 2013

Linux Mint 16 and EFL 1.8 is Out

Two interesting projects has released their latest product this weekend and they are Linux Mint 16 (codename Petra) and EFL 1.8, which is a major release since EFL 1.7.

Linux Mint 16 is a results of 5 months of development based on Ubuntu Saucy Salamander and it's available on two flavours, MATE and Cinnamon. More will come in the future (XFCE and KDE).

EFL 1.8 is another interesting project which now tries to combine all elements (Ecore, Edje, Eet, Eeze, Efreet, Eina, Eio, Embryo, Emotion, Ethumb, Evas and Evil) into a single EFL package. They even added another new elements inside: Eldbus, EPhysics, and Escape.
Eldbus a replacement for E_dbus, which is still able to be built in it's 1.7 form but will no longer be updated or maintained, but still functions against EFL 1.8 if you depend on it.

EPhysics is a new library that glues in the Bullet physics engine into EFL to allow you to make use of an entire physics engine easily and simply in your creations. Edje also makes use of this allowing your themes to use it too.
EFL 1.8 features Wayland support, audio support, Async rendering (in Evas), and Office document loading for Generic Loaders.

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