Monday, June 06, 2005

Upgrading Kernel on Slackware

Yesterday i tried to do my first experiment on upgrading kernel to my Slackware. I have downloaded all kernel 2.4.30 packages (kernel-ide, kernel-modules, kernel-headers, kernel-source) and also alsa-driver for the same kernel version from Slackware Package Browser website. It's not the latest version though, since the last kernel version for 2.4 version is 2.4.31, which has just been released few days ago. It will show up in the list in the next few weeks, after the Slackware developer customize the kernel package in order to make some changes so it suited to Slackware.

Here is what i did yesterday :
- make a backup copy of /etc/lilo.conf in case anything bad happened
- install all kernel package and alsa-driver using pkgtool (not UPGRADE)
- go to /boot and make sure vmlinuz pointing to the new kernel
- check the /etc/lilo.conf and check if it was correct
- run /sbin/lilo -v to make a lilo's changes permanent
- reboot (and pray)
- do some testing and check for kernel version with uname -a in konsole
- remove the old kernel package using pkgtool (do not use removepkg, since there are 2 version of kernel installed on your systems)

Can't wait for the next kernel arrives at Slackware's website.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    distro mu apa sih sebenarnya ? heuheue...


  2. Mandriva (Desktop) dan Slackware (Laptop)