Wednesday, January 09, 2013

TeamViewer 8 Beta for Linux

TeamViewer 8 has been released, but unfortunately, it's only released on Windows and Mac. Linux version is still stuck at version 7 and it's not yet compatible with the latest version on another platform.

My Windows machine on the office has been upgraded to version 8 and when i tried to connect to that machine from my Linux system which is still running version 7, it says that i should upgrade my TeamViewer installation to latest version. I have been using the tar.gz binary file to install TeamViewer, but TeamViewer 8 Beta for Linux is only provided on DEB and RPM format, so i had to rely on Binh's SlackBuild script on SBo project which converted from DEB to TGZ format.

The problem is that TeamViewer 8 has some path changes as well as service addon. Right now, we need to make sure that teamviewer daemon (teamviewerd) is started before we launch the main TeamViewer application. I have successfully modified the SlackBuild to work with TeamViewer 8 and i'm planning to push it to my SlackHacks repository, but first, i would like to ask for his permission first. When it's approved, you will see it on my SlackHacks soon enough :)

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