Sunday, June 09, 2013

Community Service Learning Program

Tomorrow the students will start their community service learning program in Banjaroya, Kulon Progo for one month. This year, the service learning program in UKDW are split into two areas: Kulon Progo and Tobelo, Halmahera, North Sulawesi. The ANU students will go  to Tobelo, while the HK students will go to Kulon Progo.

I wish the best for them and hopefully everything works as intended and the students can learn something from the local people about local wisdoms.

I became the coordinator for this year's YKFS V (Yogyakarta Kampung Field School) program as the last year coordinator is now become the coordinator in Tobelo. This gives me a chance to get more experience managing a lot of people together to complete this program by next month.