Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Firefox 22 is Available

It may not be announced yet, but you can still get the binaries on their FTP Servers.

The release notes lists all changes implemented on this version:
  • Windows: Firefox now follows display scaling options to render text larger on high-res displays
  • WebRTC is now enabled by default!
  • Mac OS X: Download progress in Dock application icon
  • HTML5 audio/video playback rate can now be changed
  • Social services management implemented in Add-ons Manager
  • asm.js optimizations (OdinMonkey) enabled for major performance improvements
  • Improved WebGL rendering performance through asynchronous canvas updates
  • Plain text files displayed within Firefox will now word-wrap
  • For user security, the |Components| object is no longer accessible from web content
  • Improved memory usage and display time when rendering images
  • Pointer Lock API can now be used outside of fullscreen
  • CSS3 Flexbox implemented and enabled by default
  • New Web Notifications API implemented
  • Added clipboardData API for JavaScript access to a user's clipboard
  • New built-in font inspector
  • New HTML5 <data> and <time> elements
  • Scrolling using some high-resolution-scroll aware touchpads feels slow (829952)

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